Saturday, June 15, 2019

Missing "Grandpa Mac"

Dad moved to heaven this past March. I haven't written about it...not publicly...
and for some reason, I feel compelled to write now. 
This Father's Day 2019 is my first without my Dad. 

Dad was always hard to buy gifts for...he said he didn't need anything; so one year for Father's Day I gave him a "Letter of the Month" from me to him. He hated talking on the phone and this was a connection that allowed me to share what was going on. I think he really enjoyed that...
he saved every letter.

I expect my four siblings are missing him as much as I am right now.
The shear emotion has taken me by surprise today.
I can only imagine all the emotions Mom is having as she misses her husband of nearly 61 years and the father of her five children on Father's Day.  

Dad served in the Air Force and was stationed in Nebraska soon after he and Mom married in 1958.
I loved to hear him tell stories about his service time...about his last flight shortly before his separation from the Air Force and how he feared it might be his last anything.
I love to see old home movies with him and mom and my two older brothers from that time period.
They made lifetime friends there. They made a home away from home there.

They navigated the ups and downs of life together and
set a beautiful example of two imperfect people making a wonderful life together.

Dad loved Mom and family. He especially loved babies and Pop and I were privileged to give him his first grand baby and to watch a whole new side of Dad. The silly side that could draw giggles from the bellies of our babies. Because Pop and I started young, we also were blessed to see our first baby deliver Dad’s and Mom’s first great-grand baby. Watching my parents with our babies and their babies has been an amazing see their excitement with each pregnancy announcement and each birth has filled me with joy unspeakable.

Dad lived a good 83 years and his family is blessed. Blessed to have many years of memories. Blessed with the knowledge that Dad loved us all. Blessed to have been raised by him. Blessed to have camped, flown kites, and fished with him. Blessed by his smile, laugh and sense of humor.
I know that he is flashing his smile now. I don't know if he has that gap in his front teeth or not; but I know heaven will be perfect and we will be given perfect bodies. 
I always thought his smile was perfect so I picture him with the smile I knew most of my life.

We celebrated Dad's and Mom's 60th wedding anniversary in 2018 with a big family reunion and are so glad we did. It was a privilege to celebrate them and an honor to gather together.

My family is only a part of the story of my Dad...collectively, my siblings and siblings-in-love, along with Mom have been grateful to share in his life. We have watched him dance with our new brides, snuggle our new born babies, and teach us now to do life by living it.

Dad, I'm missing you terribly. I suspect I always will.
Happy Heavenly Father's Day.
I love you forever.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

We are still here and my how we've grown!!

This past year has been a whirlwind of mostly wonderful events…at the top of the list is the birth of the newest member of the Four Sisters Farm family who arrived mid-July after holding her parents hostage by waiting long after her due date of July1st! Of course, she was well worth the wait!  We are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas 2018 with a baby in the house. 

Pop and Grammy are adjusting more and more to retirement and to racing from one event to the next to try and fit in all the activities of our “awesome eighteen” grandchildren.  The kids are involved in all sorts of things, so we have attended school plays, presentations, vocal concerts, piano recitals, football, baseball and basketball games! We have also had kids out to the farm to make memories while their parents went on trips, dates, and appointments. This season is busy, but we know firsthand how quickly these years pass and we don’t want to miss out. Our youngest is five months old and our oldest granddaughter is a high school senior!

"The Rocking Royalty"
"The Superheroes"
"The Unconventionals"

The "Growing Table" Family
Our family enjoyed gathering at the Christian Camp of Pop's and Grammy's home town for a reunion and celebration of her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  We also loved hosting as well as visiting family and friends in 2018.  We look forward to what 2019 brings our way.  If you get a chance, come see us! We’d love to have you! Grace and peace to you and yours.

Grammy and Pop