Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Family (Updated 2013)

Welcome to Four Sisters Farm. We are so glad you stopped by. Let's start out by introducing ourselves...

We'll begin with the two people who started this whole thing...Pop & Grammy. This picture is taken at their favorite place in the world. The farm. Look at them smooching after all those years of marriage. They must be doing something right!

This family adventure we call Four Sisters Farm started because of a dream Pop had. I think I'll let him post on that at some point. We are all having fun watching Pop's dream become a reality.

Let's go by birth order shall we? The firstborn of Pop and Grammy's girls is the Unconventional Doctor's wife (DW) and her hubby the Unconventional Doctor (Doc). They have four darling little ones...two boys and two girls. Here is a picture of them looking way too in love to have four children.
Their names link you to their blogs. Check them out because they are stinkin' funny. I am going to use the same nicknames DW uses so it won't be too confusing to remember who folks are.

Next in line is me...Farm Chick. I am married to this handsome man we call EJ. He is in the financial industry by day and super dad by night. :) EJ and I live just 15 minutes from Four Sisters Farm.   We moved to the city in 2011 but EJ is already itching to get back to the country.  We have three boys who keep us on our toes with their shenanigans and one sweet baby girl who brings joy to all of us.  Our third son was adopted at birth.  We were in the delivery room and got to love on his birth momma during the hospital stay.  We continue to keep in touch with her.  We are hoping to adopt again as soon as God allows.  You can follow our family at The Growing Table.

Next we have the third born daughter, Rock Star. She is also the photographer in our family. She takes the most gorgeous pics. Rock Star is married to PhoJo.  He gets his name from his passion for photo jouranlism.  His day job is in the medical field. Don't they look good together!  You can keep up with their family at Wanna Be Supermom.

Rock Star and PhoJo have three little boys and one little queen bee. They are funny and adorable. They love to come out to the farm and run free. It is so cool to watch the little ones out here.

The fourth sister is our baby sister, Pretty Princess. When she was born DW was 13, I was 10 and Rock Star was 7. We were all little mommas and tried to boss her around. Come to think of it...we are still doing that!

Pretty Princess is a Smitten Kitten and that cutie pie next to her is Romeo. They were childhood friends and now they are married. Aren't they adorable? Rock Star calls them "gross cute." Hee Hee. Young love! So far they have one little beautiful Princess.

Finally all the kiddos. We have a total of 13 of them! They are all so different and amazing. We believe that children are a gift from the Lord and we are very grateful for all of them! Pop and Grammy love having them all together.


  1. What a great blog! We are honored to be the eldest of the farm family and so blessed to have the gift of this family. God is SO good! EJ, the garden is shaping up and we're already excited about what will be growing there! Farm Chick, thanks for setting up the blog...put us on the list of contributors for sure!

  2. How fun! I'm already having fun reading this blog.

  3. YEAH! I love FSF and it will be so fun to record what goes on there!

  4. Ok, wow. I'm glad I read this one and got everyones names straight. I was reading Pops dream blog and didn't know who was who...amazing...

  5. FarmChick - I've just passed an award on to you. You can see the details here:



  6. Good Afternoon Y'all,
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    Thank you for your time and have a great rest of your day!
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