Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our clothes made it to our cruise...we did not.

EJ and I have been anticipating a week long vacation.  Just us.  A chance to reconnect and relax.  We were going on a cruise for 7 days.  A fun filled, rest filled cruise.  Pop and Grammy were ready to keep the cowboys and we were ready to roll!

We got up at 3:45am this morning to head to the airport.  Our flight was to leave at 6:20am and we were certainly not going to miss it.

That's where it all went very wrong...

To make a very long story short.  The airline cancelled the flight.  They could not find a way to get us to Ft. Lauderdale in time to make the cruise.  However, they happily sent our bags to Ft. Lauderdale.  So we hope our clothes enjoy the cruise.  We, however, went to Dennys.

My toes look way too "vacation ready" to be driving back home.  It's a tragedy really.

Now we wait until Monday to find out how this situation can be rectified.  In the meantime, take our not fly Delta.


  1. Oh that is the biggest suck that ever did suck!

  2. I want to cry for you!!! That stinks!

  3. That is awful!! I am so sorry!! There must be a reason God didn't want you on that boat.

  4. You really showed what your made of that you could sit there at Denny's and smile after such a disappointing event! You are an awesome couple and I am sure God will work this out for you.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! That is unreal!! I'm SO sorry about that, girl. :(

  6. Oh man! I am so sorry Jessi! I sure hope it all gets worked out and you can reschedule it! You are amazing for smiling in a picture after that-I would have been crying my eyes out and pouting! :)