Monday, April 8, 2013

Night View from a Plane

It was dark as I boarded my flight out of a large city recently.  The plane took off and I gazed out the window over the vastly populated area.  Twinkling lights served to highlight evidence of a multitude of inhabitants   I was struck by the thought of how many people were represented by those lights and how many of those people are lost.

My pulse quickened and my heart hurt as I thought about all the things this world offers that are cheap substitutes for what we really need...what really makes the difference for us.

If so many were not lost, I believe this present world would look much different.

There would be fewer evils because there would be less of a market for them.  There would be more evidence of God's grace, mercy  forgiveness, and most of all, His love.

The news would be less tragic.  Families would get along.  There would be less greed.  Time would move at a slower, happier pace...a carefree pace like it did when I was a child.

There would be less fear and more wonder...more joy...more peace...more evidence of God in the lives of people.

If people knew and believed how much God loves them, they would be more likely to understand that they are valuable and would live in quiet confidence as they trust God to meet their needs and smooth the path they walk in this earthly life.

As I thought about how different this world would look if more people were saved, I was struck by how tiny I am and how little I can do.  I felt an overwhelming sadness and felt the weight of hopelessness...but it was fleeting.

The Truth is deep within me...ready to come to the surface and rescue me from my self-inflicted sadness.  The Holy Spirit whispers the truth that the work of salvation is complete.

Jesus said, "It is finished."  He paid the price.  The battle is won.  The gift of eternal life is available to all who choose to receive it.

I am not responsible for saving anyone.  Jesus saves.  I simply submit to the leading of His Holy Spirit and trust that He will direct me as I witness the brokenness and devastation leading me to testify of His saving grace and minister to those He places in my path.

I know from God's Word that the darkness of this world will continue to grow as men seek to satisfy themselves with cheap substitutes instead of trusting Him.  It makes me homesick for heaven and I long to feel His embrace and bask in His presence for eternity.

Come soon, Lord Jesus!