Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another Little Princess

Well...the Four Sisters Farm Family welcomed another little princess into what Grammy calls "The Royal Family (comprised of Romeo, Pretty Princess, Bitty Princess and the newest princess who does not yet have a blog name).  If you know us, you may have seen pictures on facebook already but we hadn't put out a blog post just yet.

She came in December on the birthday of her cousin Spiderman...he is very proud.  If she had waited 13 minutes, she would have shared Supergirl's birthday.  We now have a December birthday club of five family members now! 

Romeo and Pretty Princess decided to do a home birth this time with the assistance of a midwife and it was a wonderful experience. It was a calm, peaceful way to welcome a new baby.  As it turned out, the sisters were all present for the birth...when they heard Pretty Princess was in labor they began to arrive.  

Pop waited downstairs and Grammy stayed upstairs to help.  The sisters were up and down the stairs fetching things and relaying progress to Pop.  In my estimation, Pop had the hardest job waiting.  Bitty Princess was asleep in her room through the whole thing and was very excited to meet her baby sister the next morning.
First time in Daddy's arms.
Just a few days old...Daddy took this picture.
Bitty Princess is a very proud big sister!
Pretty Princess and The Unconventional Doctor's Wife (DW) with the new arrival.
The Aunties telling the newest royal family member how much she is loved.
All the Four Sisters and Grammy with our latest blessing
Proud Pop!
It will never get old seeing Pop with our grandbabies.  
I love him more now than ever before.
Celebrating grandbaby number 16!  God is SO good!
Proud parents...and they should be! 
Such a sweetheart and so loved by the whole Four Sisters Farm family.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Christmas Cards 2014

To our dear friends, 2014 has been an incredibly busy year!  Like me, I know some of you have felt time speeding by faster and faster, and are making choices to do the best things and let other things go.

I look back at years gone by...busy with raising a family, working full time, heavily involved in church ministry and activities and have no "earthly" idea how we got it all done.

I never would have thought that I could possibly be busier now than I was then, especially without a full-time job! I know that we have four grown daughters, four sons-in-love, and 16 grandchildren who all live within an hour from us and with whom we are actively involved...I know that since I don't work outside our home, I can say "Yes" to requests to help out with things within our family circle.  It just seems that the days tick by faster for me than they ever have and I am called more and more to focus on the important instead of the urgent.

Having said all that, Christmas came and went without Christmas cards/letters being mailed out.  Our love for family and friends is as deep and intense as ever and I just felt it needed to be said...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the Four Sisters Farm family.

We actually had two celebrations at the farm as one of our Unconventionals became ill and they missed the big gathering so we made it up later!  Enjoy the pictures from our celebrations!  We love you!