Friday, December 30, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls for Lunch?

A longtime girlfriend of mine came to Four Sisters Farm for lunch today.  (She is in the pic below with her two precious children.) I have missed her SO much and am grateful for her visit.  We got acquainted when our families attended the same church years ago.  She is precious and loves the Lord with all her heart, all her mind, and with all her soul...and she loves the people around her the same way.

One of my favorite things that happened several times when we were together with others who didn't know us well...someone would ask if she and I are sisters and I was quick to reply "Yes!  We have the same Father!"  Of course, then I explained that I meant God our heavenly Father.  It blesses me to know that people see something similar in us because I think she is so awesome!!

I was pleased to give her the "nickel tour" of the house because she had only been here once not long after we bought the farm; then we settled into our basement (I mean "lower level") to gab and I felt like I was talking a hundred miles an hour to try to catch up.

I had made some homemade rolls in honor of her visit and decided to make part of the dough into cinnamon rolls.  I jokingly said that we could eat cinnamon rolls for lunch and skip the food that was good for us...she thought that sounded like a great idea...and we did...because we could.  Ha!

Mmmmmmm.  "Sister", you can come for lunch anytime!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

Over the holiday, I went to the local variety store of my hometown with my mom, sister, and sis-in-law.  Our mission was to pick out fabric for a quilt for Mom to make my sis-in-law; but of course, we had to look at other things as well and we stumbled onto this wall hanging and thought it was cute and clever and would work perfectly in the future Four Sisters Farm kitchen...I was a bit smitten and I purchased it (along with a "God Bless Cowboys" plaque that will someday hang in the bunk room).

I decided to place it in Pop's Christmas stocking hanging at the mantle of my folk's house as sort of a silly joke.  Well...the way things worked out, Pop and I didn't get to stay long enough for the festivities of the evening as we had to make the several hour drive back home that night.  So I loaded up the contents of our stockings into a bag and we headed on home.  As we drove and I pondered the time we had just spent with family, I also pondered the sign and realized that I just couldn't do it...Pop DOES rule the roost but not in a bad way and I definitely do NOT rule the rooster at Four Sisters Farm.  It would be like advertising a lie if I hung up this cutesy little sign in our home.

Some folks would think it is just a big deal...but I believe otherwise.  Scripture says, "Like a maniac shooting flaming arrows of death is one who deceives their neighbor and says, 'I was only joking!'" (Proverbs 26:18-19).  One of the things I told the four sisters as they were growing up is that joking always has roots in what a person really believes.  I have found this to be true over and over.  Sarcasm (sometimes we call it joking) is rampant in our lives these days.  We hear it all around us...we see it on television in sitcoms and we refer to someone as "witty" when they have mastered the art of hurting someone in a way that makes others laugh.

I looked up the definition of sarcasm and it means "a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark" so I also looked up irony which means "the use of words to convey a meaning that is opposite of its literal meaning". if we say things that mean the opposite, isn't that the same as lying?  I think so.

I will pass on cute and clever and tell you what I really believe about Pop...he is THE man here at Four Sisters Farm.  He takes his responsibilities to care for me and our family very seriously.  I very happily accept my place under his leadership knowing that he has my best interest at heart.  He understands that his role as a leader brings responsibility and accountability with God and his desire is please God.  I know he isn't perfect and I know he will make mistakes (me too); even so, I choose to follow him.

Maybe I can find a cute, clever sign with a rooster that says something like, "He rules the roost, and I love the rooster!"  That would be closer to the truth.  There is plenty to laugh about at Four Sisters Farm without making fun of anyone.  It is a safe place to be.  It's one of the things I love about Four Sisters Farm.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas a While 'til Christmas

Twas a while ’til Christmas, at Four Sisters Farm.
The house was a wreck, but we’d meant it no harm.
There wasn’t a mantle to hang stockings upon.
Oh dear!  What to do?  It all seemed so wrong!

The walls were all finished with sheet rock and mud.
They were primed, even painted, we’d hidden the studs.
We’d worked long and hard but some things went amiss.
Pop’s shoulder was injured and would require a fix.

But Pop is so tough; that the surgery would wait
while he worked through the pain and made the walls straight.
He worked on the wiring, the framing, the floor;
he worked ‘til the doctor said, “No way! No more!”

The year had been busy with our grown up offspring
buying houses, and moving, and fixing their things.
They had helped us so much; gave the time they could spare.
“God bless them. We’re grateful.” was often our prayer.

We had put down lush sod for our lawn in the spring
then summer was hot, and no rain did it bring.
The garden, though watered, just would not produce
how long could the farm withstand such abuse?

It wasn’t all bad.  We did have some fun
like a trip to Gettysburg, then down to Charleston.
The time at the beach was so pleasant and warm
and hiking at Yellowstone took us out of our norm.

Pop’s shoulder’s still healing, the house still in progress;
we’ll keep moving forward, ignoring the mess.
The days go so quickly, like reindeer they fly
so we do what we can as each day goes by.

We decided against putting up Christmas lights.
“There’s no place to put up a tree”, Grammy sighed.
So we hung up the stockings at DW’s and Doc’s
and gathered up our family which always rocks!

We’ve been working for years to simplify this season;
less gifts and less fuss and more Jesus as the reason.
We got together early with a family mission
to share Christ at Christmas has become a tradition.

We still dress in PJs as matching can be
from the smallest to tallest and gather near the tree.
The children listen quietly while Pop reads the story
of Mary and Joseph and Jesus in His glory.

The young ones play while their moms stuff the stockings
with candy and toys and other small gift things.
They help roll out dough, then spread on some butter,
then sprinkle on sugar and make quite the clutter!

The sweet smell of cinnamon rolls lingers in the air
while the stockings are emptied and candy is shared.
We laugh, we love and retell some old tales
then we make some new memories without fail.

We review the year past with a special edition
made by the Superheroes which is their tradition.
They will add a new baby to their precious brood
an awesome and wonderful little super dude!

A baby girl is soon due to Romeo and Pretty Princess
They'll be the “Royal Family” then - that is our consensus!
The Farmhands, now city folk, due to their move
are adding a sweet baby girl to their crew.

Next year, Lord willing, we will gather once more
with three babies coming, no one will be bored.
Four Sisters Farm is where we hope we will be
with some lights, decorations, and of course, a tree.

So we all send our love from our homes to you
as you celebrate Christmas with your own loving crew.
May the coming New Year be cheery and bright.
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Friday, December 16, 2011

What's in a Name? Paint Colors...

 The time finally came to paint our main floor walls...we had survived the painful and messy process of tearing out yucky old paneling, moving a few walls, and the list goes on and on...frankly, I don't have the energy to type everything we have, let's focus on the subject at hand.

When it was time to choose a color for the "lower level" (aka basement), I knew I wanted something neutral and warm...something that would serve as a sort of blank canvas to decorate and redecorate as I choose.  As we painted the basement, Pop kept questioning me (and everyone who helped paint) about the color...he thought it was too dark.  It did look dark against the stark white of the primed dry wall but everyone agreed it was a fine color.  Success!

So when it was time to choose a color for the main floor I wanted to stick with what we had in the lower level but Pop questioned me about began to look and look and look at colors.  There are so many paint colors with so many different names that it is an overwhelming task.  As I looked, my goal was ultimately the same...something neutral and warm.  I found myself attracted to the same color family again and again.  The "coffee with cream" colors with yummy names like "Mocha";  the "beach" colors with calming names like "Mesa Sand", the "nature" colors like "Tender Twig", and of course the "food names" like "Caramelized Onion".

I shopped all these colors and after puzzling over them all, I found one called "Warm Welcome".  Perfect.  Funny though, it is the twin of the color we already had.  So I took my basement paint chip to the paint counter and asked the nice man to match the color of my basement paint and mix up 15 gallons of it.

Pop and I painted and he kept questioning me about the color because he thought it was darker than what we had in the basement.  It did look dark against the stark white of the primed dry wall.  (Are you seeing a trend here?) :-) I assured him it was the same color and now we are finished and love it.  It is indeed a "Warm Welcome" color and we hope that is what folks feel when they come to visit.

Now, onto doors, floors, trim, cabinets, appliances, etc.  Oh...and Merry Christmas in the midst of it all!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Birthday Post and Link

DW's birthday is today and I can't wait to hear all about how she celebrated it.  
For now, check out her blog post at The Unconventional Doctor's Wife.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Adding More Christmas Stockings

New Christmas Stockings for 2011
The Four Sisters Farm homestead is, of course, not ready for family gatherings on the main level just yet so The Unconventionals will graciously host our family Christmas gathering once again.  The Unconventional Doctor's Wife (DW for short) was busy decking her halls as she does each year and she sent me a text message with a picture - both the picture and the message came across loud and clear - we were missing three stockings!!

So I pulled out my Christmas stocking sewing supplies (yes, I am prepared for MORE grandbabies at all times) and made the stockings for the babies who will be joining our family early in 2012.  (Of course, the stockings have "real" names on the other side.) Life is precious and celebrated in the Four Sisters Farm family...even before we will fill these new stockings at Christmas in anticipation of their arrival.

First, Pretty Princess and Romeo will welcome a baby girl into the "Royal Family", then the Superheroes will induct another baby boy superhero, and last but certainly not least, The Farmhands (at The Growing Table) will be blessed with all the frills that come with a baby girl to add to their family of rough and tumble boys.

2012 promises to be an incredibly exciting and blessed time and the whole Four Sisters Farm family is grateful to God for His rich blessings.  It's good stuff (contented sigh, and big smile from Grammy).