Friday, December 30, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls for Lunch?

A longtime girlfriend of mine came to Four Sisters Farm for lunch today.  (She is in the pic below with her two precious children.) I have missed her SO much and am grateful for her visit.  We got acquainted when our families attended the same church years ago.  She is precious and loves the Lord with all her heart, all her mind, and with all her soul...and she loves the people around her the same way.

One of my favorite things that happened several times when we were together with others who didn't know us well...someone would ask if she and I are sisters and I was quick to reply "Yes!  We have the same Father!"  Of course, then I explained that I meant God our heavenly Father.  It blesses me to know that people see something similar in us because I think she is so awesome!!

I was pleased to give her the "nickel tour" of the house because she had only been here once not long after we bought the farm; then we settled into our basement (I mean "lower level") to gab and I felt like I was talking a hundred miles an hour to try to catch up.

I had made some homemade rolls in honor of her visit and decided to make part of the dough into cinnamon rolls.  I jokingly said that we could eat cinnamon rolls for lunch and skip the food that was good for us...she thought that sounded like a great idea...and we did...because we could.  Ha!

Mmmmmmm.  "Sister", you can come for lunch anytime!!

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