Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Healing Walk to the Pond

I recently did something to my right shoulder that impinged it and can say with certainty that shoulder impingement is no sends shooting pains down to the elbow and then short-circuits back to the brain!  After more than a week, I'm feeling much better...after two trips to the doctor, two trips to the chiropractor, a lot of ibuprofen, some Epsom salt soaks in the bath, and some tender, loving care from Pop.

As I type, there is still a twinge once in a while that reminds me I had better not sit too long in front of my computer screen.

Today, as summer is blowing its way to fall, I decided to take a walk to the pond.  Something about spending time in nature is soothing to body, mind, and soul.

So I put on my cowgirl boots (to avoid being bitten by any snakes enjoying the sunshine) and took off toward the pond.  Before I got past the garage, I noticed a nice crop of weeds so I stooped to pull several handfuls out and then address them fully later.  As I pulled some up, something caught my eye...feathers!  Beautiful blue feathers.  I love them!

I headed down the path toward the pond and was immediately smitten by the bright blue sky and the clouds on the horizon and the colorful "flowers" along the way.

Beauty in every direction.  Breathing in the sun-warmed air, I thanked God for His creation that brings us healing and hope in every season.  I lingered by the pond listening to the wind in the trees and just being grateful to live at Four Sisters Farm.

As I made the trek back to the house I followed an alternate path and sensed God teaching me a nature lesson.  Like in life, there is beauty to behold along the way.  Sometimes you have to focus on it to fully appreciate it.  Sometimes you have to block things out like old junk piles and yucky webs in trees with all manner of flying insects in them.

Sometimes you need to be aware of where you are walking and to pay attention lest you end up in a cactus patch or get too near some poison ivy (no picture...I know to stay away).

Sometimes, you need to make choices to stay on the straight and narrow or you might run into a barbed wire fence never thinking it could happen to you.

All along our path, there is good and bad.  In this life, we will have trouble even when we don't look for it.  But we don't have to wallow in it.  We can always look up and find our Father who is always watching over us, Who never leaves us nor forsakes us.  I've found thus far, if I just look up and say thank you, my perspective on this life is good. 

And that's all I have to say today.

Love and grace to you from Grammy.