Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Turns Out You CAN Go Home Again

Some would say that you can't go home again...and I understand their meaning...nothing stays the same and though familiar, "home" is different.

Early in 2015, Farm Chick phoned Pop and asked him if she and seven of her "closest friends" could move back to Four Sisters Farm for a while.  With Pop and I it was a no-brainer.  We had lived with The Growing Table family before out at Four Sisters Farm and we knew we could do it again.

The plan was for Farm Chick and EJ to list their "city" home and build their barnhouse on EJ's family land while living at Four Sisters Farm.  They estimated it would be from the end of April to mid July but we weren't holding them to projects never go quite as intended, right?

What was different this time was that when we lived together before, EJ and Farm Chick only had two...then three children.  Farm Chick and I enjoyed our time together before with a ready coffee drinking female close by and a Grammy and Pop always happy to see some grandkids so we proceeded.

Pop and I moved back to the basement apartment where we lived before.  We tried to make room for a family of 8 on the main floor which is three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It was good timing with the spring, then summer weather so the kids could get out and run...and run they did!  The backyard at the city house was spacious but not as spacious as Four Sisters Farm!

Pop and I had some travel scheduled during that time and it was a great fit having someone at the farm to feed cats and watch over things.  We didn't get to help much on the build which made us sad but when it was all said and done, EJ earned the respect of all.  He slept at the farm but between working his full-time job and putting in MANY hours at the barnhouse, we rarely saw him!

Farm Chick stayed REALLY busy with running her household with much less help from EJ and making decisions about the house.

God truly blessed our time together and blessed EJ and Farm Chick as they built their barnhouse.  There is really no explanation for the build going as well as it did except for being in God's favor...and Dennis the handyman which would be a whole other story which would like likely be called, "Two Story Stories"!

Head on over to The Growing Table if you want to know more about their fabulous new living space. the other Four Sisters...who wants to see if they can go home again?  Pop and I love you all!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
            2015 is now drawing to a close for us all…regardless of the kind of year; good, bad, or ugly…we will be closing the chapter.  Our prayer for you and for all of us is that we will choose to remember the good, learn from the bad, and accept that our loving heavenly Father has a purpose in it all and promises to use it for our good.  
            We haven’t had any additions to our family in 2015 but are anticipating the arrival of our “China Baby” by way of the pending adoption to The Growing Table family.  Little ones are loved and cherished and we will all be sad when the little ones are big; but each age and stage is precious and brings blessings and joy. 
            We have celebrated a lot of birthdays this year…and two in particular were celebrated together as Grammy's Dad turned 80 and her Mom turned 75.  We enjoyed a family reunion around the celebration and were only missing a few.
            In May, we attended the All School Reunion in our beloved small Kansas home town and loved taking the opportunity to catch up with school friends.  The hospitable folks of our home town put things together in fine fashion and we had a great time!  
In May we also saw our oldest granddaughter, Lou Lou, promoted from 8th grade.  She is a freshman  now and it boggles our minds to think we actually have a high school grandchild!  Our youngest grand just turned one and with 26 of us in our immediate family, we are a crowd! 
            In early October we flew to Charleston, South Carolina to attend a wedding near there.  If you caught the national news you saw that areas of South Carolina experienced what is referred to as the “Thousand Year Flood” and we felt fortunate to drive out of the state before the water got too high in the red Ford F150 we purchased while there that is now dubbed “The Ark” because it saved us from that flood and got us home! 
             Also in October we enjoyed our family for our annual fall party at the farm.  Pop and I have tried in recent years to surprise the grandkids with our costumes and this year we were Gru and Lucy Wilde from Despicable Me 2.  The littlest ones were not sure what to think of Pop with his mask!
            Pop has hunted, golfed, and fished…and Grammy has attended a women’s retreat, bible study, a Beth Moore event and spent a little time with her folks…but not as much as either of us would like since we’ve traveled so much!  I guess we have some things to look forward to when Pop retires someday.  We hope to sleep a little more, see our grandkids and kids a lot more, have more time for things at the farm (including friends coming to visit), and to just laugh and enjoy life with more time together.
            Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year,
                                                                                                            Pop and Grammy