Monday, May 2, 2016

Driver Education

Pop and I recently had the two youngest of The Growing Table family for several days when their parents made a trip out of town with their two middles (the big boys were with EJ's folks) and one of the highlights for them was driving our two little battery-powered jeeps...BUT...I have to tell you that keeping these fellas headed in the right direction is an activity requiring hands-on adult supervision!

Then there are the bigger fellas riding the dirt bikes (also battery powered) and keeping them on a larger and more free path while steering them away from dangers like barbed wire fencing requires nerves of steel (which Pop has but I somewhat lack).

Then there is our oldest grandchild, Lou Lou who is driving with supervision now.  She only scares me when she is fiddling with the radio.  Ha!  She really is developing into a fantastic driver; but still, supervision and instruction is intense in the beginning!

Sometimes the task of guiding children can be overwhelming and feel like disaster is looming large.  The task of guiding children...whether driving or in general is a hard job.  Kudos to all the parents out there (my daughters and sons-in-love included) who stay vigilant and lovingly guide their children.  May God multiply your efforts and bless you richly!