Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wild Kingdom...Farm Edition

Pop and I enjoyed some extra time this weekend together at Four Sisters Farm and worked on some of our ongoing projects.  As we worked, we had some special we enjoy seasonally, another we would love to have live here all the time, a third, we are hoping move elsewhere...

Last year The Unconventionals and I marked a friendly, cat food loving, turtle with turquoise nail polish and she showed up again this year.  If you look really closely, you will see her polish markings.  It is too early to confine her for our annual Fourth of July Turtle Race so we will hope she sticks around long enough to participate again this year.

Next up, we had a peacock visit us.  He apparently isn't too nervous around humans...he strutted into the garage while Pop was sanding and I was standing by.  He also likes cat food and worries the cats a bit.  Besides the garage, he checked out the pole barn and the old barn.  He even showed off his fancy feathers. If he stays, he will require a name and Pop said Lu Lu is already working on that. For now, he is "Mr. P."  I don't know much about peafowl but we'd love to see him around!

Last, and possibly least, we have a pair of barn swallows trying to build a mud nest on a light fixture right outside our patio door.  They are messy, noisy, and territorial.  Pop and I are standing our ground and hope to win this fight.  We have removed their next five times and five times they have rebuilt...I just looked out, and they are started on their six attempt!  Stubborn!

As I am finishing this post, I heard a crunching sound at the cat's food dish and sure enough, the turtle made it back for brunch today.  I love so many things about the farm and the wildlife is right up there!  Pop and I even thanked God in our morning prayer time for the peacocks visit...and Lord, about those barn swallows!