Monday, November 30, 2009

A man and his TV

TVs seem to be very important to men. They need them to be large and clear and noisy. Women don't tend to worry about it. As long as we can see the shows we wish to watch we are generally fine with whatever TV is around.

My husband has been VERY patient. We haven't upgraded to a decent sized TV for a long time. He has watched football games without being able to read the score. He has watched movies without being able to read the subtitles.

Why has he been so patient? Why not just run out and buy the TV you want. I have two words for you...Dave Ramsey. We took financial peace university last winter. We have been following a budget and meeting goals. The TV didn't even come close to being a priority. Until now.

EJ's birthday is coming up and we have set aside some funds for his big day! He is turning 30 in January! Also, EJ's parents were willing to kick in his birthday money for this big purchase. He researched, he compared, he shopped and then today (on Cyber Monday)...he pounced!

Sad EJ, with this pitiful little TV.

Happy EJ, with his new girl. She is 42inches of pure plasma beauty. I'm not even going to be jealous tonight when he spends more time with her than with me.

Of course, when you are Daddy, you let your little ones watch their special movies on your new big TV. The first movie to be watched on the plasma? Veggie Tales: St. Nick. You are a good Daddy EJ!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pioneer Woman


DW, Pretty Princess and I had a big day today. We drove to Ponca City, Oklahoma to meet Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman.

She is even more lovely in person.

Pretty Princess begged me not to be a big dork when it was our turn to meet her. I played it cool and let DW do most of the talking.

DW's blog has all the pics from the day. It was a memorable one for sure!

We missed Rockstar and Grammy. Rockstar is due to birth little supergirl any day now! Grammy didn't want to be too far away in case she got "the call."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

While hunting for red bridesmaid dresses

We found this little jewel. Well, at least she looks happy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Case Closed

Bubba would really prefer that Grammy take care of all times. He loves that lady.

The other night, we were at Grammy and Pop's house finishing dinner (aka downstairs). I told the boys that we needed to head up and get their bath.

Bubba, "GRAMMY...can you take me a bath?"

Me, "Bubba, it's Mommy's turn to give you a bath. We will have so much fun. We can play pirates!"

Bubba, "NO! I want Grammy to take me a bath."

Me, "Bubba, Mommy is going to do the bath tonight. Grammy needs to feed Pop when he gets home (Pop was getting home late from work that night). Plus, Grammy and Pop need to spend time together sometimes."

Bubba, "They spent time together last year!"

Me to Grammy, "Grammy, did you spend time with Pop last year?"

Grammy, "Well, we did spend time together last year when we were in the same state."

Case closed. I guess he has us there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

May the force be with you

At a recent family gathering I found myself in an all out battle with the boys...Bub, Southern Gentleman, Superman, Spiderman, Bubba and Wubba. I was trying to keep these young 'uns from running up stairs when the party at hand was down stairs. When you have six boys ages 2-5 you try to keep them contained as much as possible!

SG (age 3) was with Wubba and they were once again trying to "break out." I headed up the stairs to get them.

Aunt FC: "SG and Wubba, you get back down here."
SG: "I'm Yoda"
Aunt FC: "Okay, Yoda, get back down here."
SG: (with his little fist pointed at me) "I have the force!"
Aunt FC: "Well then use your force and get your fanny down the stairs!"

I'm pretty sure his love for star wars has given him the false hope that he can move his aunt with his mind. Didn't work that time but it was a valiant effort!

I love you, SG! Can't wait to share this with you when you are all grown up. Of course, by then, you may have perfected your mind-control skills. I better watch out!

P.S. to fully enjoy this post, you must see the pics of SG in his Yoda hat.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

EJ's Reflections

So here are some of the thoughts swirling thru my head...

Chickens: Well, we have three old hens and a young dude walking the "streets" of our coop. They're not long for our bowls of chicken soup, or chicken and dumplings, etc. I'm going to skin them instead of plucking's healthier and easier. This will cut my costs also, so I'm not having to feed 4 extra mouths out there. The rooster is definitely coming into his own. I was out hunting down by the pond and I could clearly hear his pipes crowing through the evening air.

Running: So you all heard about my heavy half marathon on the trails that I ran...I am for sure going to run the OKC marathon in late April. While I was out on a 10 mile run this past weekend I was thinking about planning out my running schedule for a while longer than just that marathon. I thought that I'd see how I felt after it and then try to run another race on the trail series. They have a late July "midnight marathon." From what I understand it's a marathon that you run on the trail after dark. So you have a headlamp and a flashlight and the course is marked by glow sticks. Kinda cool sounding! That race is about 9-12 weeks after the OKC race. Then in October (at the same time as the half that I just ran) is the 50K ULTRA marathon (an "ultra" marathon is anything that is longer than 26.2 miles...they come in many denominations...the ones that I have heard of are the 50k, 50 miles, and the century or 100 miles). So this would mean that in my 30th year I would run 3 marathons! One for speed, one just to see if I could live and not fall off a cliff at night, and the last to see if I could run that far! Each different and unique.

Ok so I bought some trail running shoes! I bought Salomon's XT Hawk. I like them, however I don't think that they like me. They have a bit higher achilles heel than my other shoes and when I went on my first 8 mile run on then they rubbed my achilles to the point of bleeding! So I had to wear band aids on both my heels. Well on Tuesday and Wednesday I usually run longer than on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday I had run 6 miles and my cousin BTY texted me and said that he had done the same and averaged an 8:30/mile pace. That's pretty good, in fact much better than my 9:10/mile pace that I had done that morning.

So the next morning I was set to run 6 miles again. I started out and was on a GREAT pace; sometime early in mile 4 I got a small rock (large sand size) under my foot in my shoe! Normally I can arch my foot and move it around and get it out of the way...however with these new trail shoes I couldn't because they were nice and formfitting! So instead of being a wuss (SMART) I just ran through the pain for the last 2 miles. I finished and immediately stopped and sat down to get that rock out (felt like a huge rock by now). I didn't think that I found anything, and put my shoe back on and started my cool down.

The last two miles were extremely painful, and so I was hoping for relief...NOPE, PAIN, DESPAIR, and AGONY! So I stopped again and searched for the dang thing, nothing there for sure, but I looked at the bottom of my foot trying to figure out why it felt like a knife going through the bottom of my foot every time I stepped down. There was an inch long by 1/4 inch wide blister. Well, I ran an 8:20/mile pace! That's all that mattered! So I had to sit out a couple of days to recoup and epsom salt bath my foot, it'll all be worth it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dee Hacks

It's hunting season in these parts.

I am not a hunter myself but we have plenty of them in the family.

I was on a walk with the boys this morning. We walked down to the pond and back. On our way there I noticed some deer tracks. I didn't say anything about them, just took a mental note.

All the sudden Wubba stops walking and bends down close to one of the hoof prints and says, "Dee Hacks! Dee Hacks! DEE HACKS!"

"That's right, little man, those are deer tracks!"

Apparently someone in the family is already grooming my 2 1/2 year old to be a great hunter one day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Partying like a RockStar!

So, it's almost time for baby to get here! And this shirt came as a gift at the right time... I feel like anything but a rock star at the moment, but I'm glad I still get to keep the title! I've had my birthday, a birthday party for our little Spiderman (turns the big 2 soon) and now soon we'll have another addition to the superhero crew. Life is good.

I promise I am not giving birth in this last one... I refuse to birth a baby at the farm.
No thank you.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch Trip from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

EJ's company does a yearly pumpkin patch event. We help organize it and are therefore always present. This year was no exception. What was different about this year was the temperature. It was FREEZING. We had a strange cold snap in mid-October and good heavens it was cold!I take a pic of each cowboy in front of the big pumpkin every year. I am a stickler for tradition and I was going to get a pic of them each with that stinkin' pumpkin.

"Bubba, if you just stand there for a minute I will give you some candy." I was not above bribery.
Wubba wouldn't even cave for candy. As you can see by the photo I am lovingly propping him up by the pumpkin. There may be something clinically wrong with me. Look at that poor, pitiful face.
I don't think we have ever been so quick to leave the pumpkin patch party! Better luck next year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong.
This summer we ordered a new batch of pullets. For those of you who don't speak chicken....that means girl chicks. They have been eating and growing for months now. We are anticipating eggs soon. It takes a while before they produce.

EJ says to me one morning, "I think one of those hens crowed at me."

Me, "You mean clucked?"

EJ "No, cock-a-doodle dooed at me. I think we got a rooster in our order!"

Me, "No way, you think?"

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the first Rooster ever to live at Four Sisters Farm.He should be a hen and look like this...

Please do not get attached to Mr. Rooster. He won't be staying long. Roosters can be aggressive and they also (here is your birds and bees lesson for the day) fertilize the eggs. No thank you.

I'm thinking chicken soup sounds good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

That's Handy

I am in the middle of making meatloaf when I realize I'm out of eggs. Stinkin! I live a long way from the store.

Then I realize...I have chickens.

I'll be right back.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hooray for Pop's Candy

Bubba loves to get "Pop's Candy" whenever he is downstairs. Pop and Grammy have a candy jar filled with werthers originals.

I heard Bubba ask Grammy for one of Pop's Candies. She told him to ask his mom. Here was our conversation...

B: Mommy, can I have one of Pop's candies?
Me: What do you think Pop would say?
B: He would say, HOORAY!

Smart child.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four Sisters Farm Family Fall Party or FSFFFP

I am aware that this is probably cheating but I don't want to leave you hanging. DW posted about the party on her blog so go check it out so you can see pics from that day. Am I a lazy blogger or what!