Tuesday, November 17, 2009

EJ's Reflections

So here are some of the thoughts swirling thru my head...

Chickens: Well, we have three old hens and a young dude walking the "streets" of our coop. They're not long for our bowls of chicken soup, or chicken and dumplings, etc. I'm going to skin them instead of plucking's healthier and easier. This will cut my costs also, so I'm not having to feed 4 extra mouths out there. The rooster is definitely coming into his own. I was out hunting down by the pond and I could clearly hear his pipes crowing through the evening air.

Running: So you all heard about my heavy half marathon on the trails that I ran...I am for sure going to run the OKC marathon in late April. While I was out on a 10 mile run this past weekend I was thinking about planning out my running schedule for a while longer than just that marathon. I thought that I'd see how I felt after it and then try to run another race on the trail series. They have a late July "midnight marathon." From what I understand it's a marathon that you run on the trail after dark. So you have a headlamp and a flashlight and the course is marked by glow sticks. Kinda cool sounding! That race is about 9-12 weeks after the OKC race. Then in October (at the same time as the half that I just ran) is the 50K ULTRA marathon (an "ultra" marathon is anything that is longer than 26.2 miles...they come in many denominations...the ones that I have heard of are the 50k, 50 miles, and the century or 100 miles). So this would mean that in my 30th year I would run 3 marathons! One for speed, one just to see if I could live and not fall off a cliff at night, and the last to see if I could run that far! Each different and unique.

Ok so I bought some trail running shoes! I bought Salomon's XT Hawk. I like them, however I don't think that they like me. They have a bit higher achilles heel than my other shoes and when I went on my first 8 mile run on then they rubbed my achilles to the point of bleeding! So I had to wear band aids on both my heels. Well on Tuesday and Wednesday I usually run longer than on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday I had run 6 miles and my cousin BTY texted me and said that he had done the same and averaged an 8:30/mile pace. That's pretty good, in fact much better than my 9:10/mile pace that I had done that morning.

So the next morning I was set to run 6 miles again. I started out and was on a GREAT pace; sometime early in mile 4 I got a small rock (large sand size) under my foot in my shoe! Normally I can arch my foot and move it around and get it out of the way...however with these new trail shoes I couldn't because they were nice and formfitting! So instead of being a wuss (SMART) I just ran through the pain for the last 2 miles. I finished and immediately stopped and sat down to get that rock out (felt like a huge rock by now). I didn't think that I found anything, and put my shoe back on and started my cool down.

The last two miles were extremely painful, and so I was hoping for relief...NOPE, PAIN, DESPAIR, and AGONY! So I stopped again and searched for the dang thing, nothing there for sure, but I looked at the bottom of my foot trying to figure out why it felt like a knife going through the bottom of my foot every time I stepped down. There was an inch long by 1/4 inch wide blister. Well, I ran an 8:20/mile pace! That's all that mattered! So I had to sit out a couple of days to recoup and epsom salt bath my foot, it'll all be worth it!

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