Monday, November 30, 2009

A man and his TV

TVs seem to be very important to men. They need them to be large and clear and noisy. Women don't tend to worry about it. As long as we can see the shows we wish to watch we are generally fine with whatever TV is around.

My husband has been VERY patient. We haven't upgraded to a decent sized TV for a long time. He has watched football games without being able to read the score. He has watched movies without being able to read the subtitles.

Why has he been so patient? Why not just run out and buy the TV you want. I have two words for you...Dave Ramsey. We took financial peace university last winter. We have been following a budget and meeting goals. The TV didn't even come close to being a priority. Until now.

EJ's birthday is coming up and we have set aside some funds for his big day! He is turning 30 in January! Also, EJ's parents were willing to kick in his birthday money for this big purchase. He researched, he compared, he shopped and then today (on Cyber Monday)...he pounced!

Sad EJ, with this pitiful little TV.

Happy EJ, with his new girl. She is 42inches of pure plasma beauty. I'm not even going to be jealous tonight when he spends more time with her than with me.

Of course, when you are Daddy, you let your little ones watch their special movies on your new big TV. The first movie to be watched on the plasma? Veggie Tales: St. Nick. You are a good Daddy EJ!


  1. I love the background too! Merry Christmas, Farm Chick!

    Congrats on the new TV, EJ! Good shopping, good planning, good waiting. I hope it's a really good one and you enjoy it...I know the cowboys love it already...what is it with guys and TVs? LOL I have to say the pictures don't do it justice...the old tv is actually smaller than it appears and the new one larger!