Wednesday, November 18, 2009

May the force be with you

At a recent family gathering I found myself in an all out battle with the boys...Bub, Southern Gentleman, Superman, Spiderman, Bubba and Wubba. I was trying to keep these young 'uns from running up stairs when the party at hand was down stairs. When you have six boys ages 2-5 you try to keep them contained as much as possible!

SG (age 3) was with Wubba and they were once again trying to "break out." I headed up the stairs to get them.

Aunt FC: "SG and Wubba, you get back down here."
SG: "I'm Yoda"
Aunt FC: "Okay, Yoda, get back down here."
SG: (with his little fist pointed at me) "I have the force!"
Aunt FC: "Well then use your force and get your fanny down the stairs!"

I'm pretty sure his love for star wars has given him the false hope that he can move his aunt with his mind. Didn't work that time but it was a valiant effort!

I love you, SG! Can't wait to share this with you when you are all grown up. Of course, by then, you may have perfected your mind-control skills. I better watch out!

P.S. to fully enjoy this post, you must see the pics of SG in his Yoda hat.


  1. This makes me laugh! Boy thinks he's seriously a Jedi. So funny.

  2. I think Yoda has become my favorite Star Wars character...but it could be the Ewok...or the Princess...or Darth...I can't make up my mind...Grammys can be like that. I must say that I happened to witness this young Yoda trying to implement the force and commented as I chuckled that he might need the force if his aunt got a hold of him! He sure is cuter than the real Yoda!