Monday, January 28, 2013

It Just Can't be Done...Family Photos

Every now and then I get the urge to start in again...that's sort through all the family photos and to finally get them organized.  I recently sorted a bunch of digital pictures and put them away in their folders by year.  I'll take the next step someday when the first step is done.

But here's my problem:  how do I sort the pictures of all my beautiful daughters, their handsome hubbies, and their perfect children?  I mean, there are SO many pictures...and SO many of them have the faces of more than on family unit...which of the Four Sisters gets which photos?

I have boxes...not kidding...boxes of photos that I haven't already given to the girls.  Then there are the thousands of digital photos...literally!

So many many sweet pictures...and the number is growing exponentially.  Maybe by the time I am too old to work a computer I will have scanned the photos and digitally filed all the images.  (It's not polite to snicker, you know!)  Anyway...some day.

In the meantime, every once in a while, I flip through some pictures and stroll leisurely down memory lane.  I like to take someone with me when I go...usually one of the Four Sisters...they humor me sometimes. And sometimes they ask me questions that I don't know the answers too about the pictures we are looking at.  Our girls are all uniquely beautiful and certainly don't qualify as twins, but let me tell you, they have all gone through ages and stages when they looked so much alike I wouldn't be able to tell who was who if the photo backgrounds were not different.  I end up saying something like, "I think we were living in whatever city and whatever house and I think that is whichever sister's 3rd birthday."

For now, I will continue my hit or miss approach to photo organization. I know it's okay to do that, because my mom is still doing that.  I guess if I leave this earth without having fully done what I intended, my girls will enjoy the photos in whatever state they find them.  

In the meantime...aren't they so cute???

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

We gathered together at Four Sisters Farm for a late Christmas celebration this year.  
We were mindful of the reason for the season and are so grateful for the God's gift of Jesus!
2012 was a busy year with many blessings...but three babies in one year certainly topped the chart. 
We are now up to 23 stockings hung...well...not by the chimney but near the Christmas tree!

Pop and I are so pleased to be living on Four Sisters Farm and with our recent house renovations we were able to host the family celebration for the first time at this location.  It was crowded and noisy but workable.  We hope that what our grandchildren will remember is that they had tons of fun with their family and cousins at Pop and Grammy's house.

Some day they will revisit the house as adults and it will surprise them how small the house is...and wonder how we all fit under one roof all together!
The Unconventionals
The Farm Hands
The Superheroes
The Royal Family

Some years ago we simplified Christmas and continue to revamp when we feel too much pressure or the weight steals the joy.  When we gather for our big family Christmas, Pop and I have new pajamas for everyone and one gift for each of the grandchildren and we all bring small items for stuffing the stockings.  When the grands are up and moving, we have so much fun with them...wrestling with Pop, cooking with Grammy, playing with cousins, etc. Then when the kiddos turn in for the night, we have the privilege of visiting with our children and catching up - the talk is always lively, enlightening, and thought-provoking.  We never solve any of the world's problems but we renew our faith as we all agree that we can trust God no matter what.

Enjoy this little video of some highlights from our gathering...there is no sound...nothing is wrong with your speakers!