Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Family Wedding and our Two Stepping Grandson

Much of the Four Sisters Farm Family recently attended the wedding of my nephew...the youngest son of my brother just older than me.  PhoJo stayed home with the superheroes who weren't feeling so super that day and we missed them partying with us.  We celebrated the long awaited union in fine fashion.  We all cleaned  up, dressed up, and attended the beautiful ceremony followed by a delicious dinner, reception, and dance.

Near the end of the evening, our oldest grandson approached me as I snuggled the current youngest baby of our growing clan...

Bub:  Grammy, are you tired of holding babies?
Me:  I never get tired of holding babies but I can share! (I handed off the baby to some of the many arms always ready to hold a little one.  I'd already been alerted by my niece that I'd soon be asked to dance.)
Bub:  Would you want to dance?
Me:  I'd love to!

So we went out on the dance floor and went right to two-stepping.  My niece had just taught him how!!

Me:  Wow!  How did you learn this so quickly?
Bub:  Well, dancing is like my hobby.  I like to dance.
Me:  Well, you are good at it!
Bub:  Thanks!

We continued to dance and talk.

Bub:  Grammy, you smell like the farm.
Me:  Oh, really?  Your brother (Southern Gentleman) told me that once but then he said, "Nevermind.  It's your perfume."  What does the farm smell like?
Bub:  Hmmm.  Sort of smells like the cats.  I like the way the cats smell.
Me: Oh.

Now I'm thinking...gee...I thought I smelled pretty good!  I bathed this morning, I put on my perfume, I dressed up in clean clothes.  Our cats are outside cats and I don't even pet them every day!  Oh well.  I guess if I smell like something at the farm he likes, I'm okay with that.  

So, he can dance.  Now to work on the small talk.  Love that boy!