Friday, November 20, 2009

Case Closed

Bubba would really prefer that Grammy take care of all times. He loves that lady.

The other night, we were at Grammy and Pop's house finishing dinner (aka downstairs). I told the boys that we needed to head up and get their bath.

Bubba, "GRAMMY...can you take me a bath?"

Me, "Bubba, it's Mommy's turn to give you a bath. We will have so much fun. We can play pirates!"

Bubba, "NO! I want Grammy to take me a bath."

Me, "Bubba, Mommy is going to do the bath tonight. Grammy needs to feed Pop when he gets home (Pop was getting home late from work that night). Plus, Grammy and Pop need to spend time together sometimes."

Bubba, "They spent time together last year!"

Me to Grammy, "Grammy, did you spend time with Pop last year?"

Grammy, "Well, we did spend time together last year when we were in the same state."

Case closed. I guess he has us there.


  1. I would like to testify in this case also- Grammy is great and she takes really good care of a LOT of people. Everyone here really loves her too! Case closed. :-)

  2. Maybe Farm Chick should assure Bubba that Grammy wasn't always so much fun at bath time! He has heard it straight from me that his mommy did indeed get the wooden spoon swat from time to time so maybe it's time to tell him more of the ugly truth...Grammys are just "moms" without the responsibility...that's what makes bath time so much fun! We don't HAVE to do it...we want to!

    And...Janet...thanks for your sweet testimony. I love everyone there too and want to see you SOON!