Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

We are still here and my how we've grown!!

This past year has been a whirlwind of mostly wonderful events…at the top of the list is the birth of the newest member of the Four Sisters Farm family who arrived mid-July after holding her parents hostage by waiting long after her due date of July1st! Of course, she was well worth the wait!  We are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas 2018 with a baby in the house. 

Pop and Grammy are adjusting more and more to retirement and to racing from one event to the next to try and fit in all the activities of our “awesome eighteen” grandchildren.  The kids are involved in all sorts of things, so we have attended school plays, presentations, vocal concerts, piano recitals, football, baseball and basketball games! We have also had kids out to the farm to make memories while their parents went on trips, dates, and appointments. This season is busy, but we know firsthand how quickly these years pass and we don’t want to miss out. Our youngest is five months old and our oldest granddaughter is a high school senior!

"The Rocking Royalty"
"The Superheroes"
"The Unconventionals"

The "Growing Table" Family
Our family enjoyed gathering at the Christian Camp of Pop's and Grammy's home town for a reunion and celebration of her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  We also loved hosting as well as visiting family and friends in 2018.  We look forward to what 2019 brings our way.  If you get a chance, come see us! We’d love to have you! Grace and peace to you and yours.

Grammy and Pop

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