Monday, December 5, 2011

Adding More Christmas Stockings

New Christmas Stockings for 2011
The Four Sisters Farm homestead is, of course, not ready for family gatherings on the main level just yet so The Unconventionals will graciously host our family Christmas gathering once again.  The Unconventional Doctor's Wife (DW for short) was busy decking her halls as she does each year and she sent me a text message with a picture - both the picture and the message came across loud and clear - we were missing three stockings!!

So I pulled out my Christmas stocking sewing supplies (yes, I am prepared for MORE grandbabies at all times) and made the stockings for the babies who will be joining our family early in 2012.  (Of course, the stockings have "real" names on the other side.) Life is precious and celebrated in the Four Sisters Farm family...even before we will fill these new stockings at Christmas in anticipation of their arrival.

First, Pretty Princess and Romeo will welcome a baby girl into the "Royal Family", then the Superheroes will induct another baby boy superhero, and last but certainly not least, The Farmhands (at The Growing Table) will be blessed with all the frills that come with a baby girl to add to their family of rough and tumble boys.

2012 promises to be an incredibly exciting and blessed time and the whole Four Sisters Farm family is grateful to God for His rich blessings.  It's good stuff (contented sigh, and big smile from Grammy).

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  1. you are a wonderful grammy, to always be prepared for new little blessings :) it's going to be a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2012!!