Friday, December 16, 2011

What's in a Name? Paint Colors...

 The time finally came to paint our main floor walls...we had survived the painful and messy process of tearing out yucky old paneling, moving a few walls, and the list goes on and on...frankly, I don't have the energy to type everything we have, let's focus on the subject at hand.

When it was time to choose a color for the "lower level" (aka basement), I knew I wanted something neutral and warm...something that would serve as a sort of blank canvas to decorate and redecorate as I choose.  As we painted the basement, Pop kept questioning me (and everyone who helped paint) about the color...he thought it was too dark.  It did look dark against the stark white of the primed dry wall but everyone agreed it was a fine color.  Success!

So when it was time to choose a color for the main floor I wanted to stick with what we had in the lower level but Pop questioned me about began to look and look and look at colors.  There are so many paint colors with so many different names that it is an overwhelming task.  As I looked, my goal was ultimately the same...something neutral and warm.  I found myself attracted to the same color family again and again.  The "coffee with cream" colors with yummy names like "Mocha";  the "beach" colors with calming names like "Mesa Sand", the "nature" colors like "Tender Twig", and of course the "food names" like "Caramelized Onion".

I shopped all these colors and after puzzling over them all, I found one called "Warm Welcome".  Perfect.  Funny though, it is the twin of the color we already had.  So I took my basement paint chip to the paint counter and asked the nice man to match the color of my basement paint and mix up 15 gallons of it.

Pop and I painted and he kept questioning me about the color because he thought it was darker than what we had in the basement.  It did look dark against the stark white of the primed dry wall.  (Are you seeing a trend here?) :-) I assured him it was the same color and now we are finished and love it.  It is indeed a "Warm Welcome" color and we hope that is what folks feel when they come to visit.

Now, onto doors, floors, trim, cabinets, appliances, etc.  Oh...and Merry Christmas in the midst of it all!


  1. I know I will always feel a warm welcome in your home no matter what the color!!! Miss you dearly, sweet friend. Merry Christmas to all of you at Four Sisters!

  2. Thanks, Janet! We miss all of you too! Come see us any time!