Monday, January 11, 2010

Secret Agents

Pop and Grammy distributed badges at Christmas this year. I guess they figured that superheroes would probably need super clearance. The above picture shows Pop, Grammy and Special Agent 009 aka Super Girl.

On the front:
Four Sisters Farm
Special Agent Identification
Child's name and photo
Special Agent 001-009 (depending on which number of grandchild)
U.S. Department of Fun
Four Sisters Farm Division

On the back:
This card entitles the identified Special Agent access to the following:
All FSF Properties
Tree Houses
Hay Forts
Ponds (with supervision)
Trees Worth Climbing
Pop's Candy Jar
All Available Animals (except the old mean cat, Coal)
Tire Swings
Preferential Treatment at All Times
Smoochies and/or Bandages for Ouchies
All Pop & Grammy's Love Forever

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