Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lou Lou Visits Four Sisters Farm

Lou Lou recently came to stay for several days with Pop and Grammy at Four Sisters Farm. When she comes to the farm, she brings sheer joy with her. You see, right now, Lou loves everything about the farm. She loves the farm hands who live here, the cat (who used to be called Ranger, but now he's call "The Lone Ranger" since he's the only cat left), the goofy dogs who we now know like to eat pears, the chickens, the go kart, and everything else associated with Four Sisters Farm.

While she was here, Lou helped out with all kinds of things. She helped fix up and paint a well house, fed the farm animals, and watered the pumpkins among other things. She also brought along her latest sewing project so she and Grammy could finish it up (before she outgrows it) and we did accomplish our goal!

It wasn't all "work" and really, even the work is fun around here. Lou has a pink helmet that she dons to drive the go kart and she is a really good driver! We even got to go to a neighbors house to see three adorable kittens, three silly goats, and two huge labs during her stay. All in all, Lou had a great time and so did we. We can hardly wait for her next visit.

Pop and Grammy know that the farm may not always be as attractive to Lou as it currently for now, we are loving "Lou Season" at the farm.

You may remember hearing the when asked what we raise at Four Sisters Farm, Pop said that we were going to "raise grandkids." I love that vision and I love the reality that we have been blessed with such an abundant season. You see, Lou is the oldest of our ten grandchildren and they all love the farm! Our hope and prayer is that it will be an especially long growing season of grandchildren here.


  1. We love you Lou Lou! It was so fun to have you at the farm for a few days. Come back soon! :)

  2. Great post mom! Looks like you guys had a good time!

  3. :-) You ARE one blessed family. I LOVE that you have one PLACE opened up to all your children can call home. ;-) They will cherish these times in their hearts forever.