Saturday, October 9, 2010

A step in the right direction

On a recent cousin play date we noticed a troubling trend.  The 6 pack (all the older boys ages 2-5) were having trouble getting along.  The problem was that they would pair up and then leave someone else out.  Feeling were hurt.  Mommas were mad.  Corrections were made.  We insist that these boys treat each other with love and respect.  It starts young and we expect them to tow the line when it comes to their family.

Fast forward a few days...

We are at the zoo with the kiddos.  Their favorite part of the zoo is a playground.  (Which is really crazy when you consider it's the animals at the zoo that are the attraction not the playground...but that's neither here nor there).

We were watching them play and enjoying the beautiful day.  Next thing we know another mother on the playground says, "There are some boys up there who won't let the other children get by.  And one of them is growling." 

Rock Star and I exchange glances...

We investigate further and discover that the cousins have formed a gang.  When children try to enter their section of the jungle gym.  They say, "You can't come in...this is our house!"  I'm not sure where the growling comes in but maybe it is pre-schooler speak for "back off".

We broke up the gang and they proceeded to play nice with others.

The truth is...we had to smile a little.  At least they were including their cousins.  It has to be a step in the right direction.

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