Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dames Demolition Day

I have been blessed through the years with wonderful girlfriends who have joined me in crazy, hard work on projects that none of us are much qualified for and a day this past week was no exception...

We are in the process of gutting the main floor of our farm house and I'm trying to do my part while Pop is at work. So...Some of my friends joined me. They thought that it sounded like a great way to relieve some stress. I'm SO grateful for friends. We pried, pulled, picked up, pulverized, and piled stuff up high! One friend brought her hubby along with dinner for our crew. Pop arrived in time for dinner and smooched me even through I'd been sweating it out doing demolition work!

We're making good progress...stay tuned for updates! The goal is to go from tired, worn out farmhouse to Farm Charm!

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