Thursday, May 24, 2012

Windy Trash Day!

The wind blows hard at Four Sisters Farm sometimes and I learned a valuable lesson when I brought the empty trash cart back up to the house.

Sometimes I push it.  Sometimes I pull it.  Sometimes Pop loads it in the back of his pickup as he comes up our drive.  This time, I was pushing it along...hearing the rocks in the driveway under the plastic wheels and thinking about what I was going to do next when all of a sudden a crazy gust of wind came and flung the lid of the trash cart open so fast that it hit me right in the face!

My vision blurred...I was dazed and confused..."Gee", I thought..."Shouldn't I be knocked onto my knees if I got hit so hard I can't see well?  Wow, that hurt!  Am I bleeding?"  I lifted my hand to my face to assess the damage and found that I wasn't bleeding.  As my inquiring hands checked for major trauma I found that one of the lenses of my glasses was missing...hence the blurred vision.  Ha!

The joke was on me...Wind: 1, Grammy: 0.

I found the lens, put it back in my glasses, now I can see.  I will not be least not by the wind!

Note to self:  fasten the trash card lid down when it is windy. That is all.


  1. LOL! That is funny stuff right there! I'm glad your glasses weren't permanently broken!

  2. Oh no! I'm glad you are okay and that you can laugh about it. :) Life is so stinkin' funny sometimes.