Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012...My Dad

Six years ago, I signed my Dad up for the “Letter of the Month Club” instead of giving him something that he already has or doesn't really need.  
Sometimes my letters have been mostly pictures…sometimes memories from years ago…sometimes current events…and always with love and gratitude.  I plan to keep writing and hoping that reading these monthly letters blesses him like writing them blesses me.  

This year's Father's Day letter includes an acrostic poem of sorts.

Father’s Day 2012…a tribute to my Dad…
F is for fun and funny.  I have such great memories through the years of your sense of humor and what makes you laugh…you have always liked to see other people laugh and to laugh with them.
A is for amazing.  I grew up with a Dad who could do anything…truly…you could fix anything we kids broke and take things other people would have thrown away and make them brand new.
T is for tenacious, trustworthy, and thoughtful.  You don’t give up on anything or anyone easily. I have always been able to count on you.  Besides being considerate, you are a “thinker”.  You like to ponder things and make sense of situations before acting and I appreciate that about you. 
H is for honorable, helpful, and handsome.  I have never doubted your integrity, always been able to count on your help, and have always thought you were handsome…I suppose all girls think their dad is handsome but you are…and you smell good too. J
E is for exceptional. You have weathered many storms while trying to remain optimistic.  You live with pain every day and manage to see beyond yourself.
R is for realistic, and respectful.  You have a way of balancing life’s ups and downs without drama.  You see things for how they are and respect the views of others. 

There are so many more words that can be used to describe my Dad, but for this year’s Father’s Day Letter, I will leave it at that.  (I love you, Dad!)  Happy Father’s Day!

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