Monday, July 2, 2012

Pop - My Hero (contented sigh)

We have cats at Four Sisters Farm. They are a necessity in the country as they keep the rodent population controlled.  Once they even killed a mole for us and brought it to the lawn for us to see. We were so proud.

With wild (feral) and semi-wild as well as tame cats on our premises, there is a new litter of kittens once in a while.  Recently, Pop discovered a litter of four that "Mama Kitty" was hiding in the pole barn. Of course we told the grandkids - especially Lou because she LOVES animals of all kinds, but has an intense fondness for cats.   Pop and I like cats okay and truly appreciate them; but we feed a lot of cats at Four Sisters Farm...not enough to keep them from killing mice...but we feed them.

So when the latest litter was found, Lou and I devised a plan to capture them when they were big enough.  She began doing research and passing info along so we would be prepared.  What we were NOT prepared for is just how sneaky, fast, and scrappy feral kittens can be!  We worked hard and captured one.  Only one.  We told Pop about it and he came out to the pole barn to help us.  Sure enough, semi-wild Mama Kitty had taught her babies how to hide and stay very quiet!  But Pop moved some firewood and found them and helped us catch the remaining three.

Fast forward now...past the kitty litter, scratches, and kitten chow.  My plan was to keep them long enough to find a vet to fix them, then turn them loose.  Well...we still have them.  By day, they play in a large dog kennel and all the grandkids love to play with them.  By night, they are moved to a smaller cage and wheeled via a wagon back to the pole barn for safety.

But I am still not to the point; so hang dark and stormy night (literally), I had the kittens in their play yard on the front porch and had been so busy I hadn't remembered to transport them back to their night spot.  Pop and I decided to let them stay on the porch; but we hadn't accounted for their nocturnal naughtiness and noise...right outside our bedroom window...nor had we anticipated Mama Kitty's disapproval of our choice to deprive her sweet litter of their safe place for the night.  So imagine trying to sleep with kittens jumping, playing, meowing, and their mother expressing her opinion LOUDLY.

I threw on my robe and flip flops, grabbed my flashlight and made the transport.

So, still not to the point.  I know.

Pop and I laid down and finally got to sleep...then Mama Kitty showed up on the porch she had lost her mind and couldn't find her kittens.  Pop reassured her that her brood was safely put to bed and came back in.

Pop:  "Do you think she could be smart enough to tell us there is a problem in the pole barn?"
Me:  "I don't know."  ( Especially at about 2am.)
Pop: "Do you think I should go check on them?"

I envisioned one of the little darlings stuck in the cage trying to escape and said, "Maybe." hoping that he would...and he did.  There were actually no wrongs to right and no kittens to save.  Pop is my hero just for being willing to come to the aid of four defenseless little kittens on the word of their somewhat confused mother cat.

That is the latest reason Pop is my hero.

And how I know you want to see the kittens.  They are so cute!

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