Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Porch Pumpkins

If you've been reading at Four Sisters Farms for a while, you might recall one of my adventures involving wind turbines on our roof.

I like to save things and repurpose them and the turbines that had to be replaced sort of stacked up to three in a fairly short time.  I prefer to do things in fours at Four Sisters Farm but it seemed fitting to go ahead and repurpose those three turbines for our annual family fall party since DW's family wouldn't be here (sniff, I'm still sad about that).

So here is what I did...

I took the insides out of the turbine...carefully...I used some power tools in the process.

Pop probably would have come up with better ways or since he is a lot stronger than I am he may have just pulled them apart.

Anyway, once they they were disassembled, I spray painted them lightly with orange spray paint.  I wanted them to be a bit rustic, not all shiny and new looking!  Then I attached pieces of a small branch to the top and added some silk greenery.  I also built some crates from old, unused bed slats to display them on.  They make me happy.

Now I need one more to come off the roof so I can make the fourth one for when DW and family are back for fall party again!!

Blow wind, blow!

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