Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers' Day 2015

Me and Mom (circa 1960)

Happy Mothers' Day, Mom!

I'm sure you had no idea what a legacy you and Dad began when your children were born...and certainly no idea how many grandchildren and great grandchildren would follow; but years later we are all so very blessed to have you and Dad still loving us all.

I admire you greatly.  I've always seen your beauty in form and in actions.  I've been privileged to hear your heart in late night talks and chats on the phone now that I have an empty nest.  You demonstrate love of your husband, your children, your family, and friends.  You model a heart for God and work hard at what is important.  

You have battled with issues from your raising, with your health, and I'm sure things I don't even know... and have overcome.  You choose to look for good in others.  You remain positive in your outlook on life and it is contagious.

You are human, you've made mistakes for which you have asked forgiveness and you walk in the freedom that comes with that forgiveness.  You speaks truth and continue even now to grown in grace and beauty.  You are blessed.  

There is nothing more I could ask for in a mother and I recognize God's sovereign hand in allowing me to be your daughter.  I'm grateful that we can rely on God Who never makes mistakes and trust Him that He gives just the right children to parents and just the right parents to children in order to accomplish amazing things that neither can see during those years of raising.  

In raising our own children...the Four Sisters...I've looked to you many times and seen your nod and heard your words of approval.  You gave me permission to mother differently than you did and verbalized your concern when you felt it would help.  You gave Pop and me freedom to do things our own way even when it was unsettling for you.  Just as I continue to come back to you and thank you for things I only now realize you (and Dad) did for us, you come to me and speak love over me when you tell me I've done well.

Happy Mothers' Day, Mom from the part of your legacy called Four Sisters Farm.  

Her children arise and call her blessed... Proverbs 31:28


To the Four Sisters of Four Sisters Farm:  Since I became a mother, I've worked to continue the legacy my mother began.  Now that you are all mothers, my dream of raising daughters who love their husbands, their children, their families, and others is realized.  I'm grateful to God for the privilege of seeing the desires of my heart continue to play out in the hearts and lives of my daughters.  I love you all very dearly.

I want you to know that serving you and your families is an honor and a privilege.  When I can play with your children or snuggle a baby so you can rest (for a minute, an hour, an evening out, a whole night, a weekend, or even a week)...when I can prepare a meal to share or make you a cup of coffee...when I can fold a load of laundry or pick up the toys it is a living love note that words on a card couldn't adequately express.

As long as I am able, I will continue writing these "love notes" as best I can...motivated by God's love and powered by His never-ending grace and mercy.  I had the thought today that I may very well be "paying it forward" if someday you are called to write similar love notes for me and Pop!  

Happy Mothers' Day to the Four Sisters!  I LOVE being your Mom!

Our Unconventional Doctor's Wife
just a few weeks old
"Farm Chick at Heart" brought us much joy...
I love the look on DW's face...that is how I felt too!
Getting to know "Rock Star"
(also known as Wanna Be Supermom)
Admiring "Pretty Princess", the fourth of the Four Sisters

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