Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Perfect Birthday Gift

I'm not into the material stuff but as we've made progress at the farm and I've dreamed about what it will someday look like I've thought about gatherings at Four Sisters Farm - these gatherings include food (of course) and family and friends and I started thinking about the perfect farm dishes...I sent a link to the website to my girls to get their opinion so long ago that I had forgotten about it for now and they, along with Pop, surprised me for my will be a long time before the upstairs is renovated and we have the kind of country kitchen I'm dreaming of...but for now, we have started on the collection of dishes. I'm a happy camper, er, farmer's wife and Grammy. I'm happy.


  1. Yay! I hope they are just what you dreamed they'd be!

  2. I LOVE them! Where did you find them and, more importantly, are they dishwasher safe??

  3. Nellie - they are dishwasher safe and were purchased through Lehman's online ( Of course they can't go in the microwave but they are perfect for the farm!