Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Time!

Well, we are officially married!

Here are a few pics and details of the events leading up to the wedding; as well as the big day itself!

Engagement photo session at the farm

Engagement pics by sister RockStar!

Bridal Shower
Beauty DW popping the fancy pink lemonade!

Awesome damask cleaning set mom got me!

Pretty sis farm chick putting together the prayer tree

Does it get any sweeter?

Bridal party gals

MOB and Me :)
Wedding Day

Single ladies making their way to get beautiful!
This my friends... is my maid of honor and bridesmaid/roommate infesting my packed honeymoon luggage with two extra large and in charge pair of GRANNY PANTIES. Oh yes. I found these beauties in Cozumel. Surprise!


I know I'm partial... but my girls are SO beautiful!

Man if feels good to be a gansta


One of the many issues at the grand chapel... AIR CONDITIONING. My beauties were melting!

It's legit!

New guys in my life... officially ;)

Thank you mom and dad for making this day possible. It was everything I had imagined.
I love you both!


  1. Gorgeous!!! So glad you two are married! Love you!

  2. Nice pictures, Princess. May you and Romeo be blessed by God beyond your wildest imaginations. You are loved.