Friday, February 3, 2012

The Easiest Floor Ever!?!?

Pop and I decided on some resilient vinyl plank flooring for all but the bedrooms in our farmhouse.

My sister and her hubby were working on a kitchen/dining room/living room renovation and she introduced us to this product (Allure Ultra).  It looks great in their space so I started researching and found that there just isn't anything else on the market quite like is waterproof, requires no underlayment, doesn't have any adhesive...and as they say it is "The Easiest Floor Ever!"

Pop did his usual research and preparation before we began laying the flooring.  He fixed and leveled the sub floor, then figured out the best place to begin laying "The Easiest Floor Ever!".

We knew we had some challenges ahead of us; but since it is "The Easiest Floor Ever!" we figured we could handle it...and we did...with some help from some of our sons (acquired by marriage)...but we did figure out that it really is "The Easiest Floor Ever!" IF:

  • your walls are completely square,
  • you are laying out only one room without anything to cut around (like pipes, toilets, heat vents, etc.),
  • you figure out the best angle to make each plank click to fit, and
  • all your cuts are perfect.
So...having said that, we are very happy with the results.  I think it will be easy to care for and will stand up to the amount of traffic we will have on it (11 grandkids and counting). It has a lifetime warranty for residential installation so we figure we won't ever have to replace it.  We joked with the boys that someday they will probably be tearing out the very floor they were helping to install because Pop and I plan on still having it in place when we go live with Jesus!

We are working on the doors and trim now and have scheduled the carpet layers for the bedrooms.  Pop and I even went ahead and purchased a KING size bed for our new room!!

Stay tuned for future updates! We're getting there!


  1. It looks fantastic! You guys are creating such a beautiful place.

  2. Do you know color/model that is? Looks great!

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    2. We love it! Here is a link to the exact product we installed. You may have to cut and past it into your browser address line: