Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Pop always has been and always will be my #1 Valentine.  He surprises me sometimes with his sweet, thoughtful gestures.  He brought me a dozen roses and a funny card.  Neither of us places a high value on flowers, candies, or any kind of gift but he knows that it makes me feel special when he thinks of me and then does something about it...whether it is a bouquet, a single rose, a thoughtful text or email, a call at just the right time, a hug when I need it most, or maybe even giving me time with other people I love (like being with our daughters/grandchildren, my folks, my siblings, girlfriends, etc.)  

Something Pop did when our daughters were young was buying each of them a Valentines Day card...that blessed me and them. He did it on his own and I remember being surprised and so pleased when he did it.  He continued to do it until our daughters grew up and had their boyfriend/fiance'/husband as their #1 Valentine.  It still blesses me when I think about it.

 Of course Pop and I love to get our grandkids a Valentine of sorts and this year, I thought long and hard about what to get.  As I thought about how we feel about our grandchildren, I thought about how they make our hearts soar...that's it!!  Kites for Valentines Day!!

I delivered them to the Superheroes and the cowboys yesterday and they seemed really tickled with them.  (The Unconventionals will get their soon.) They don't understand yet how they make Pop and I feel so the sentiment goes right past them; but their mommies and daddies get it.  I hope that when they fly the kites, they will have tons of fun whether they fly them at home or they bring them to the expanse of the farm to set sail...and I hope their parents will be blessed by the sentiment expressed by this year's Valentine gift and the love it's funny, isn't it, how physical things can make and trigger memories?  Kites are special to me because when I was small, my Dad took the time to build kites with me and my siblings.  So now I will look at kites fondly from memories as a child and as a grandparent.  Good stuff.

Now, Bitty Princess is too small to fly kites so I found something else to express how Pop and I feel about her...spoons!  That's right...she is so precious that she has Pop and I "eating out of her hand" so to speak...and for a period of time, her sweet little hands will be instrumental in her nourishment. But there will come a time when she needs to be spoon-fed and then learn how to use spoons.  So Bitty Princess gets spoons for Valentines Day this year.  I hope that when her daddy and mommy use these to feed her, they will think of how much we love their Bitty Princess...and them.

I am thankful that God is LOVE and that we can share it so freely because of His great love for us.  Happy Valentines Day to our readers!!  

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