Thursday, March 15, 2012

And then there was one...

We started out this great baby boom with three pregnant sisters.

We had lots of fun growing our babies and sharing this special time together. 

Even after Pretty Princess delivered our beautiful niece there were still two of us to share pregnancy.  This photo was taken after Rock Star and I enjoyed a pedicure and a tasty lunch at the Olive Garden. 
As time went on something hit me. 
I called Rock Star and said, "I just realized that when you have your baby I am going to be the only one who is big and uncomfortable." 
Rock Star's response, "I look forward to that day."

That day has come and gone.  Rock Star delivered my handsome nephew three weeks ago.

And then there was one...
One is the loneliest number...


  1. Oh my! Farm Chick at Heart, you are adorable! Soon we will be back to zero and enjoying all three babies! :-)

  2. hilarious!!! thanks for making me laugh...hang in there!