Friday, June 21, 2013

Time with Three Cowboys and Ruthie

The Cowboys' and Ruthie's Shoes - lined up and ready for the next morning.
Pop and I are privileged to spend a lot of time with our grandchildren.  In a day and age when so many families are scattered across the country, the Four Sisters have stayed fairly close for most of their adult lives so far.  Right now, DW and her family are several states away temporarily and the whole Four Sisters Farm family pines for their return.  In the meantime...

Shortly after the Unconventionals latest visit, the Farm Hands (Three Cowboys and a Cowgirl Princess) returned to the farm for a visit while EJ and Farm Chick at Heart went out of town for a few days on a business trip.

We opened up the swimming pool. The fellas were prepared with their goggles.  The water was a little cool but the picnic table was nice and warm to lay on.

The Cowboys are good help - especially with the swimming pool setup!
Goggles and squirt guns add to the fun!
When you get too cold in the water, warming up on the sun-heated picnic table is so nice. 

We hunted turtles for our Family Fourth of July Turtle Race and were very successful!  We created a turtle habitat to keep them in (Pop actually had to create a better one as two escaped from our habitat.).

We helped Pop, ate "alotsa" snacks, had waffles and pancakes for breakfast, played with our superhero cousins, and generally had a great time just running and playing at the farm.

Bubba made a "C" out of his waffle - homeschooling is fun!
Lil Ruthie eating a less messy version of a s'more.
The cowboys' Lego creations and proud Ruthie
Wubba driving Miss Ruthie
Ruthie checking out another "ride"
B: This grasshopper pooped on me!
Grammy: No, it's just chewed tobacco.
B: What's tobacco, Grammy? 
That opened up quite a discussion...I explained that when I was a kid we called it that because it looks like tobacco spit...that will teach me!  It is actually just a chemical produced as a defense mechanism for grasshoppers that was called chewed tobacco because grasshoppers were pests in tobacco plantations. (Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Hee hee!  We seem to use so many crazy non-concrete sayings!)

B and W:  Cool mushrooms (toadstools)!!  Can we touch 'em?
Grammy: Sure!  But you can NOT eat these things!
Whatcha doin', Pop?  Cool! A spider web in the pole barn!
Cactus flowers that Pop brought us to see and a poison ivy lesson.
We don't want to touch it or the cactus!!
We heard from their momma that the following Monday back at The Growing Table, the kiddos were a bit bored.  That is good news for a tired but happy Pop and Grammy!

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