Monday, July 8, 2013

Superman at Seven and Celebrating Independence Day

This year's July 4th Celebration was wonderful...only one problem...missing our Indiana kids. No one really talked much about "it"..."it" was just there. I wondered all day what kind of fun they were having and hoped it was a wonderful family time for them as well.  I know they made the most of their time and made some special memories with just their family.  DJ had asked her sisters to give each other an extra hug from her.  I think we are all at the point of ready...ready for them to come home so we can be together.  But that isn't what this post is about.

Pop always goes all out for the Fourth of July at Four Sisters Farm and he went over the top this year.  We were raised in a small Kansas town where the Fourth was done up right.  Each year we enjoyed a big parade with all the kids decorating their bikes up with patriotic decor.  One year, my folks set up my bike like the skirt of Betsy Ross' was so awesome! Pop ran races and chased the greased pig for cash prizes and oftentimes won.  We always had turtles for the "World's Largest Turtle Race" and that makes me miss my Uncle Curt who always rounded up a bunch of turtles.  One year though, when I didn't have a turtle, my friend, Janet who lived in the country let me pick out a turtle from her box of turtles and I won the race that year!  Crazy!  We also enjoyed digging up money from the sandbox, eating free sno-cones, and watching the fireworks display.  It was glorious...they still do it all and our children have experienced some of it as well...which is why Pop and don't wonder what to do at Four Sisters Farm for Independence Day.

This year, we added a HUGE sandbox around an old elm tree.  Pop insisted on adding a bench in the shade for the parents, which is also awesome for kids to jump from into the sand.  It was a big hit with the kids and I played in it some too!  Something about the feel of sand on bare feet takes me back to my childhood.

In addition to the sandbox, Pop created the "Octagon of Doom" which begins with a person walking across a big limb, then a balance beam, crossing the "lava pit", and then balancing themselves all the way around the sandbox frame.  Only a few have completed the treacherous feat! I've tried a few times but haven't done it yet.  Guess I need more practice!


Pop also built a skateboard swing which everyone tried out.  It is awesome!

We played, had our turtle race, dug for money in the sandbox, ate, swam, threw water balloons, ate sno-cones, ate again, celebrated Superman's seventh birthday, and did some fireworks.  Everyone spent the night but Bitty Princess was running a fever and her parents had to take her home...we sure missed them the next morning when we had pancakes for breakfast!

Happy 7th Birthday, Superman and thank You, God that we live in the United States of America and enjoy the freedoms ensured by those who have served in our armed forces. We are so very blessed!

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