Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers' Day 2015

I realize more and more as time goes on that I am blessed with an incredible Dad.  I was thinking about him and had to get out of bed to write this blog post about him.

I think when you are a kid and your dad is busy making a living, your Mom is the one with you much of the time...meeting your needs, correcting you when you mess up, etc.  But there is something amazing about your dad.  He helps us connect the dots to our heavenly Father.

I remember times when Dad interceded for me with Mom.  Just little things but they spoke his love for me loud and large.  Like when I was nibbling a slice of cheese in a way that was driving Mom crazy and Dad said, "She's just trying to get all the flavor out of it." and the time he took me skiing on a Sunday morning before church when the lake was smooth as glass.  Dad had a way of making life fun...he appreciated kite flying and bicycles, sandboxes and swing sets.  He may have just been helping keep us busy and out of trouble, but his time and efforts spoke love to us.

Dad grew wiser as I grew older and the stakes grew higher.

I was SO grateful he was there and awake the time Mom gave me permission late one night to spend the night at a girlfriend's house when she was actually asleep (I'm serious!  She had her eyes open and told me to be home early to help with Saturday chores.). Dad witnessed it all and saved my skin the next morning when Mom thought I'd run off!

Then, when Pop and I were young and in love and wanted to get married, Dad wisely gave his blessing because he knew in his heart it was going to be okay.  I know that had to be a frightening thing to give the hand of your sixteen year old girl away but he listened to his heart...and spoke love to me.

As our girls were born, Dad would rock them and as they got a little bigger, he's carry them around and play with them and read them stories.  He spoke love to me and to them.

He continues to speak love every time I'm around him.

Thank you, Dad.  I love you too.

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