Monday, August 17, 2015

Reality TV Show for Four Sisters Farm???

Some time back, The Unconventional Doctor's wife followed up on a request from a television show producer who wondered if the Four Sisters would be interested in being interviewed for a possible reality television show.  After some consideration, conversations, and with the full knowledge that reality television doesn't always appear to be reality, the Four Sisters Farm family agreed that it would be all right and the producer set up a time for an Internet interview. I got tickled at the sisters' texts as they connected about the contact and made their plans...

I thought I'd share some excerpts.

Rock Star:  You guys see this? (She attached a screen shot and sent it to the four sisters and me.)

In part, it said, "My name is "MC" (name changed to protect the innocent) and I am working with a development company called "Waa Media" (name of company also changed) in New York City.  We are currently developing a TV reality-docu series where we are looking for bold families of four sisters or more to star in a show based around the close bond between sisters...this show has the potential to be picked up by networks such as TLC, A&E, etc.  We recently discovered the Four Sisters Farm through your Facebook page and wanted to reach out to see if this is something you all may be interested in.  If so, I would be happy to get you ladies in touch with my development producer for further information."

Farm Chick:  Crazy!

Pretty Princess:  Where is this?  Your Facebook?

Rock Star:  Through Four Sisters Farm Facebook.

DW:  I answered the TV lady's message and told her we would be interested.

Farm Chick:  This makes FOUR times we have been contacted about the possibility of doing a reality show!

DW:  Everybody get to Facebook if you can and join in if you want.  She said we all have our blogs that tie us together.

Rock Star:  Cool!

DW sent a screen shot of the Messenger conversation she was having with the gal from the development company asking about the possibility of setting up a Skype interview who said, "Your blogs are so fun and that's something that ties you all together which is what we're looking for!

Would you and your sisters be available to Skype today or tomorrow?"

Rock Star:  Oh my!

Pretty Princess:  Everyone is welcome to come to my place tomorrow afternoon if you like.  Lots of toys and play equipment in the back yard.

Farm Chick:  Tomorrow afternoon could work for me...I will have all SIX with me.

Then the texting really started getting fun...

Rock Star sent this picture saying, "I feel like I should wear this shirt tomorrow for our Skype interview.  Hahahaha!"

Pretty Princess:  LOL!  That's awesome!  Speaking of you guys want to pick a color pallet at all?

Rock Star:  We can!  What are you thinking?

Pretty Princess:  No clue.  We've mistakenly done blacks and greys a lot.  I have some deep purple I don't care!

Farm Chick:  What are we wearing?

DW:  I'm going to dress like an eccentric artist.  (joking)

Farm Chick:  Why not?  I'll wear this...

DW:  Excellent.  I'' be weird.  You be glamorous.  Rock Star and Princess???? Sporty and hipster?   (Gorgeous dress by the way.)

By this time, I could hardly take it.  I texted, "What?  No yoga pants???? How will I recognize you girls?"

DW:  I had that thought!  Haha!

Pretty Princess:  They probably won't see the bottoms.  Yoga pants!  Haha!

Then the conversation veered totally off the path...

DW:  Everyone go to Instagram and see this...  You are welcome.

Rock Star:  Hahaha!!! What in the world?!?

DW:  Bahahahahaha

Pretty Princess:  LOL yesssss.  I see your Wally and raise you princess monster truck.

Rock Star:  Pretty Princess for the win!  Hahaha

DW:  But Wally has my little pony bloodlines!

Rock Star:  Ha!!!

Pretty Princess:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!  You win!  My little pony bloodlines wins!

Then they derail even further...

DW:  If you need a pep talk today...Rock Star...right?!

Rock Star:  Yes!!! Just do it!!!  Hahahahaha!!  Can I reenact that during the interview?

DW:  Yes.  It must be done.  Just. Do. It.

Pretty Princess:  Oh my gosh.  That is so freaking funny.

DW:  They want to Skype at 3:30.

Farm Chick  Works for me and Pretty Princess.

Rock Star:  Can do!

DW:  What's on your bodies?  I gots to get dressed!

Farm Chick:  I'm wearing this...

But not I look like this...

Rock Star:  Haha!  Wearing a black tank!

DW:  On the way!

And so...the Skype interview happened with 12 of the 16 grandkiddos and me in the back yard...sort was hot outside and some of us needed drinks...and some needed to potty...and the baby hollered a few times.  It was fun and I have to tell you, I'd watch a show about the Four Sisters from Four Sisters Farm. How about you?

I figure it is just a matter of time.

I do love these sisters!

The Four Sisters of Four Sisters Farm after their Skype interview.

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