Monday, June 29, 2009

Chicken Adoption

When one of my friends heard we were down 6 chickens she made a suggestion...if we would bring over a bag of chicken food we could have 6 of her chickens. She was looking to down size her flock and we were looking to grow ours! Now we are back up to 15 chickens! What a blessing!

The girls are still stuck hanging out in their coop or their chicken yard. EJ is making plans to expand their yard so they will have more room to run. It was so nice when they could just wander all over the yard. We never did figure out what got them. What a bummer!


  1. That is a bummer.... but at least you got some more chickens! :-) It was the prayers of the group for those chickens huh? And you thought it was a silly prayer request. :-)

    I'm really enjoying study... it's such a blessing!

    Love ya girl,

  2. That's great that you were able to trade. God always provides!

    I have an award for all of you on my blog!