Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode to Dad

(Written by all of your daugthers)

If there ever were a Dad who deserved some praise
It would be our Dad who had four girls to raise.
He was always outnumbered by the X chromosome
The only other male was the cat in our home.

When we were little girls and on a long car ride
Dad probably wished we would potty on the road side.
Not his little princesses, no we are not heathens
We would hold it until he found a place within reason.

Dad had a song for everything in life
Most came from country music to the dismay of his wife.
We swore he made up crazy lyrics all the time
But He and Mom would come up with proof of their rhyme.

He taught us about safety and checking the door lock
I’m pretty sure he paroled the house with his glock.
He has keen intuition and he’s handy with a gun
But that’s what you’d expect from a sheriff’s son.

With strong muscles and stern looks, he can be intimidating
Especially to our guys when we first started dating.
We know that he’s a softy but we didn’t want to make him mad,
We knew when we should hush up, “Be still and know that I am dad.”

When disappointment makes us feel all alone
Dad is quick to remind us God’s still on the throne.
He lifts us up with promises from above
And always ends with “know that you are loved.”

Our Dad, he is wicked at the art of the shot
And some of us have had the privilege of personally being taught.
He walks 10 feet tall in his 5.11 pants
And shows all his students the correct firing stance.

He likes sugar babies and vanilla ice cream.
He has bought a farm with land to fulfill a life long dream.
And on this land, oh how his family will grow
So much love, compassion, and grace we will all get to show!

He is Dad to us, but “Pop” to the grands
Off on adventures, holding little hands,
Down to the pond at the bottom of the hill,
With promises of camping trips, oh what a thrill.

Pop told us “we could do whatever we want down at the farm”,
Is said with a smug smile but we know he means no harm.
Open spaces for crazy kiddos a big part of the plan,
Letting them run wild, tasting freedom when they can

He held our little hands when taking our first strides,
Held our bikes from the back when taking our first rides,
Held our arms and lovingly walked us down the aisle,
He held our tiny babies with a teary glowing smile!

So this Father’s Day when we are still so far apart
We wanted him to know he’s always in our heart.
During all the important times in life he’s there to help us through it
Sometimes we say to ourselves, “Dad, how do you do it?”

Love you Dad!
Happy Father's Day!

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  1. You girls are so cute! Happy Father's Day to your dad!