Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Auntie Self-Esteem Booster

I adore my nieces and nephews.  My heart for them is so big.  I am thrilled that my sisters live close enough to me that I can be a part of their lives.  I love to give them a squeeze and a kiss and tell them that I love them.  I want them to always know that their auntie thinks they are the bees knees.  (What exactly is the bees knees anyway?)  I pray for their little lives and I dream about the ones yet to come.  It is a privilege to be their aunt.

Each little one warms up in their own time.  Little Super Girl is sort of a Momma's girl.  She is a sweet and sassy mix that is just perfect to me.  Her little smile melts my heart and her sad faces make me want to fix it fast.  During our Christmas gathering I received a special gift from her.  She came to me on her own will for a snuggle...twice!  Her Momma snapped a picture I will always treasure.

As if that wasn't enough to keep me flying high...

Little Lady Bug slipped and got a bonk on her head.  Her Momma and Daddy rushed to her aid.  She was sitting in her Daddy's lap with a cool cloth on her boo boo when she said through tears..."I want Aunt Farm Chick"  (Granted, she didn't say Farm Chick because our babies don't know our secret blog identities.  She called me by name)  You better believe I dropped what I was doing and rushed to get her.  I snuggled her for a long time while she recovered from her boo boo.

Thank you, baby girls, for loving this Auntie!

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