Friday, December 24, 2010

Q My Baby

Q My Baby
(to the tune of Santa Baby)

Q My Baby, welcome to our family,
with glee
We’ve been waiting for you
Q My Baby, we love to kiss and hold you tight.

Q My Baby, we gained a dear birth mom too,
from you
God has blessed us, sweet one
Q My Baby, you’ve made our days oh so bright.

Think of all the fun you’ve had
with Bubba and Wubba and your Mom and Dad
Four Sisters Farm is the place to be
If you know your way to Pop & Grammy’s Pad.

Q My Baby, you love to watch your brothers play,
all day.
You try to keep up with them
Q My Baby, don’t worry ‘cause you’re well on your way.

Q My Honey, one little thing I really need,
less feeds
In the middle of the night
Q My Honey, just let us get some sleep tonight.

Q My Cutie, your DaDa ran two marathons
That’s long
He’s done a total of four
Q My Cutie, your Daddy is really strong!

This Momma keeps busy with you three
and there is nowhere else that I’d rather be
Of course, that Cruise with Daddy was fun
We love the Grandparents in our family tree

Q My Baby, remember the most important thing
The King
He came to save the world
Q My Baby, His praises we will always sing!

Merry Christmas to all!
EJ, Farm Chick, Bubba, Wubba & Baby Q

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  1. SO CUTE! You are SERIOUSLY ROCKIN' those boots in the pic girl! LOOKIN' GOOD! MERRY CHRISTMAS!