Saturday, July 23, 2011

Basement Renovation Progress

The basement renovation has been a long haul and we are nearing completion. Last time I posted on this topic, we hadn't started the basement guestroom redo (although Farm Chick at Heart let you know that we were making progress a while back) and now we are finished and ready for company in our "lower level"!!

We have been doing the pesky little things that have been on our "to do" list for a l...o...n...g time - like building window sills and frames and coming up with a remedy for the exposed plumbing by the rock fireplace (which was noisy AND ugly).

Check us out...

Aren't we clever?? We wrapped up the pipes to cut down on the noise and Pop modified the cabinet to hide the pipes.
I got really tickled at a good friend of mine who didn't think the guest room was too bad...I have to give her credit because the last time she saw the room, it was FULL of wedding stuff for Pretty Princess and Romeo and I must admit that all the sparkly, glittery, beautiful wedding things did take the focus off the state of the room.'s a before and after and I'll spare you all the ugly details except to say that it involved a complete and utter demolition before we put it back together. If you really want details, let me know and I can even show you some pictures (for some reason, I'm big on documenting the good, the bad, and yes...the ugly).

So...we are ready for guests in our basement apartment and looking forward to the renovation for the main floor. Mostly, I'm looking forward to having it all done! I can't wait until we are simply living and maintaining Four Sisters Farm.

I know there will always be special project and that's okay...we all look forward to updates and new things...but we've had more than our quota for a while. Check in on us later...we'll still be working.