Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Shoe Cubby on the Cheap

I've looked and looked for a wooden divided shoe cubby to no avail.  I didn't think it was all that huge a request.  Oh there are some hanging ones and some that are specific to certain closet systems.  Pop and I built in some shelving in the master closet that required a size that apparently doesn't exist in today's market.  Who knew?  Guess I should have checked that out before we decided on the size of the shelves!

So I put on my "Handy Grammy thinking cap" and went to one of the local purveyors of beverages for the over 21 years old crowd and inquired about boxes with dividers and was told to help myself to as many as I wanted.  I picked up two I thought might work and headed home. 

I got out some fun wrapping paper and packing tape and went to work (contact paper would have been great too).  I disassembled, covered, taped, and reassembled.  The organization it lends to my closet space makes me happy for now...I don't know yet how well it will hold up but we'll see.

In case you are wondering...I don't ONLY wear tennis shoes.  I have my dress shoes stored in plastic shoe boxes up high and I'm still pondering some boot storage.

The other box was not wasted...I covered just the outside of it and it found a home in my storage room holding wrapping paper and such.  

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