Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grandkids' Hill

There is a hill at Four Sisters Farm.  It was created a couple of years ago when the pond was dug out.  The hill is perfect for the many adventures of the Four Sisters Farm grandchildren.
Last winter, we hoped and prayed for enough snow to sled down the hill.  No such luck.  The truth is some of us (3 to be exact) were pregnant so we couldn't have enjoyed the sledding anyway.
This winter it looked like Grandkids' Hill would stay dry.
Then out of nowhere the "Blizzard of Oz" occurred here in Kansas.
Pop cleared the way to the hill with his tractor and then he put out this challenge e-mail:
"Tell the Grandkids that Pop is the reigning sled distance champ down Grandkids' Hill"

"The mark to beat"
Of course, we couldn't resist. 
We made our way to Four Sisters Farm as soon as we could. 
We brought EJ's folks along for the adventure.
EJ was the first to challenge the record. 
He blew past Pop's mark and it looked like he might be the winner.

Then we sent the cowboys down one by one.
First up B
Then W
Then Q
Next it was Papa's turn
Then Grandma
And then I made my way up the hill. 
That's right children, let Momma show you how it's done.
One graceful trip down the hill and victory was mine!
Eat my dust fellas!!!
EJ couldn't accept defeat. 
He had to take another run at the hill. 
But the Man came up short.
Did I bask in my glory?
I began training up the next generation of female sledding champions.
Lil' Ruthie rode that sled like a pro!
Greatness is in her blood.

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  1. I wish I could have been there to see your victory, Farmchick! I am SO proud (sniff). Glad that the next generation is in training...Go Ruthie!!