Monday, March 17, 2014

What About the Pancakes!?!?

The Pancake Pen
At Four Sisters Farm, pancakes have been the thing...the big started a long time ago...when Bubba was small and lived at Four Sisters Farm.  I have learned to make all kinds of different shapes.  The Unconventionals even bought me a fancy Pancake Pen so I could practice my art!  Besides Buzz, we've done superheroes, spiders, Star Wars characters, kitties, puppies, and even monkeys.  Even when the shapes don't turn out so great, the kids extend me grace and eat them anyway.  They are nice like that...and they are hungry.

But recently, I've noticed that waffles are requested more and more.

Pop and I have had the same sad, little waffle maker for years.  It makes one round waffle at a time and that doesn't work well when there is a crowd for breakfast!  A few weeks ago, Pop made a request for waffles and I obliged...all the while fighting the old waffle maker.  Most of the time, the waffles stick even if I use cooking spray.  So as we sat down to eat, Pop said it was time.  He said he was empowering me to purchase a new and bigger waffle maker.  I guess I have a habit of just making due and not realizing when it is time to give up on something. (I don't think that is necessarily a character flaw!)

So I got busy researching.  I googled.  I read reviews.  I went to a variety of sites to check prices and (drumroll, please) found THE one.  Not only does it make four big beautiful Belgian waffles at one time, it is RED!  I love RED in the Four Sisters Farm kitchen!

I tried it out the morning after it arrived and Pop approved.  Move over, old waffle iron!  It's time to ring the dinner bell...or breakfast or brunch or lunch!  Anytime is waffle time as far as I'm concerned.  Comedian Mitch Hedberg says, "A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap."  Perfect.


Come and get it!!

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