Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Pancakes

It all started when the cowboys were in our (Pop's and Grammy's) care while Farm Chick and EJ went to "get" the littlest cowboy in mid-January...

One morning, Bubba requested that I make Buzz Lightyear pancakes for breakfast and being the inventive grammy that I am, I told him I would try. Bubba and I have had a lot of practice drawing Buzz pictures so pancakes didn't seem like much of a stretch. As you can see, my mission was accomplished and Bubba was estatic that he would really like to have Buzz Lightyear pancakes every day!
There are perimeters that must be maintained in Bubba's mind about these pancakes. They must be cooked in Pop and Grammy's kitchen and it's best if his parents are still in to accomplish this, even after Farm Chick and EJ were home and settled in with Cowboy Q, he was able to clandestinely bypass his sleeping parents at times to make his way downstairs to make his plea. Of course, as grandparents, we are delighted and realize that these days will only last so long so we want to make the most of them.

But...Bubba has parents who take their responsibilities of child-rearing very seriously. We admire that and try our best (most of the time) to support them as they shape and discipline their little you can guess, they lowered the hammer on Bubba and his usual partner in crime, Wubba and told them they HAVE to ask permission to go downstairs to make a Buzz Lightyear Pancake Request.
So we had to devise a plan to work for everyone...What we came up with is a sign for Grammy to post on the door of Bubba's and Wubba's's a sign with a picture of a Buzz Lightyear pancake with the words, "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR PANCAKES TODAY!!"

So now, when the cowboys wake up they can check to see if it's a pancake day or not and head out the door and down the stairs to Pop and Grammy's to make their request.

Part of the fun is watching. You can see the sign clutched in Bubba's hand...he helped make it and will be watching for it to be posted often!

Wubba enjoys his pancakes but prefers to call them "Woody Pancakes" as we're all Toy Story crazy here!
After a great pancake breakfast just the other day, the cowboys got really inventive with a couple of laundry baskets and made their own space ship...pretty clever, huh? "To infinity and beyond!" Bring on the pancakes!

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  1. I love this post! This needed to be documented. Soon enough Buzz light year pancakes will be a thing of the past. I am sure enjoying watching their excitement as they discover "the sign" is posted. P.S. I got to eat some pancakes today too! Thanks Grammy. We need to have a cousin sleep over with pancakes for breakfast!