Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

That smile on Q is more than I can take.  Isn't he just a doll baby?  I was so pumped this morning when it looked like everyone would be happily participating in my photo session.  With three little boys 4 and under it's practically a miracle when you can get them to all look at the camera let alone smile. 

I think Bubba & Q planned putting their fists up.  I guess Wubba didn't get the memo.

These are the little feet I run after all day long!  "Pitter Patter" isn't really a good explanation of this group.  It's more like a herd of elephants running to and fro in the house.  They are busy and they are loud!  Now I understand why Grammy always liked quiet moments when we were growing up.  I imagine with 4 girls the quiet moments were rare.

Bubba: The biggest brother

Wubba: the big brother

Q: the baby brother

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