Monday, March 1, 2010

a man with a plan

Bubba keeps talking about going to Aunt DW's house to stay the night with Bub.  As you know Bub is his older cousin by about 14 months.  I just smile and say, "That's nice, honey.  Someday we will have a sleep over at Aunt DW's house."  Then I move on with my day. 

Apparently, my barely four year old has not only mentioned this plan but has also begun to put it in action.  One morning I noticed three items placed strategically under his bed: a back pack, buzz light year and a sleeping bag.  When I asked him about it he told me, "Leave it there, Mommy!  It's my sleep over stuff for Bub's house."

Hmmmm...when Bubba got busy playing in the other room I had to check it out.  I thought for sure his back pack would include favorite toys and maybe a tasty snack.  When I opened it up I was shocked.  Not only did my little man pack himself some PJs, he also packed socks, underwear, a story and his buzz light year costume.  Everything a man needs for a cousin sleep over!  After I took these pictures I carefully put each item back in his bag and put everything back in it's place. 

While I am impressed by his ability to pack his own overnight bag; I am also painfully aware that my first born is growing up!  Sniff Sniff.

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  1. Tell him when we move to our new house, he can come spend the night whenever he wants (because Aunt DW said so). ;-)